New Acquisitions Reflects on Summer Internship Program as Students Return to School

Atlanta, Georgia, UNITED STATES

ATLANTA, GA, Sept. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the end of summer approaching, the New Acquisitions team is both proud and sad to see a few of their summer interns leave the office and return to the classroom. The promotional, marketing and advertising firm based in Buckhead offered summer internships with the intention of mentoring current students and teaching them crucial skillsets that will ensure their success after graduation.

According to the firm’s website, New Acquisitions’ intern program is centered heavily on cross-training within the organization's major departments which includes experience in marketing, advertising, sales, public relations, and human resources. After completing the internship program, summer interns return to school or enter the work force with real-world experience on top of the knowledge they’ve gained through school.

Zachary Schuch, National Director of Operations at New Acquisitions, credits the success they’ve seen from the intern program to the hands-on approach that the managers use while working with interns in the office.

“We have a strong belief in treating our interns like full-time employees in regards to the duties and responsibilities during their day-to-day,” explained Schuch. “We feel that it’s important they get fully immersed in the ‘real world’, as they’d say. Our interns are taught to manage and handle responsibilities that are vital to not only our progress, but their progress as well. They’re not fetching coffee or making copies for the office, they are just as important as the rest of the team during the time they are here with us.”

One of the first interns that left to return to school was Sebastian O’Neill, who is currently studying marketing at The University of Georgia in Athens, GA. With his graduation date slowly approaching in 2019, O’Neil knew that he needed to gain the experience that future employers would be looking for in their future candidates. According to the former intern, he is more than excited about the personal and professional growth that he gained this summer.

“I worked hard this summer and I feel very fulfilled by what I’ve been able to accomplish here within such a short time,” stated O’Neill. “I feel much more confident in my abilities and I feel like I’m better prepared for life after graduation!”

Also leaving the office is fellow intern Maren Burns, who will be return to Florida State University to start her junior year. Upon entering the office, Burns struggled with public speaking, but soon found herself actively participating and becoming more confident in her ideas and abilities.

“I didn’t really know what to expect when I started this internship because I didn’t have much experience outside of the classroom. Since then I’ve learned how to interact with clients and customers, conduct myself well in a professional setting, and how to present my ideas clearly so everyone can understand and give feedback. I’ve grown a lot personally and I’ll never forget the friends that I’ve made in the office during the summer as well!” Burns said on her experience with New Acquisitions this summer.

According to Human Resources Coordinator, Morgan Wright, the internships at New Acquisitions not only focus on well-rounded training in marketing and professionalism, but also in helping the interns find employment after they graduate. As their internships come to a close, interns are encouraged to visit the Human Resources Department where they can have their professional headshots taken for LinkedIn and other professional profiles. They also receive letters of recommendation from the firm and, if requested, one-on-one meetings with the hiring staff to critique their resume to help them stand out during their interviewing process.

“Of course our interns are encouraged to reapply with us once they graduate, but our ultimate goal is to make sure they are ready for the job search, post-graduation,” explained Wright. “We teach them to think critically about their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and help them see things from the view of the employer in order to help them land the best position possible.”

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