LOUISVILLE, KY--(Marketwired - Sep 20, 2017) - DerbyCon 7.0 -- JASK, the company empowering security analysts with artificial intelligence (AI), today announced two of its team members Rod Soto and Joe Zadeh, will unveil a home cyber security system, Chiron at DerbyCon 7.0. Chiron is a machine learning-based intrusion detection system (IDS) that helps individuals better understand the potential threats affecting their connected devices. They will discuss how Chiron can help defend against Internet of Things (IoT)-based attacks in their Track 4 session at DerbyCon on Saturday, September 23, at 10:00 a.m. CST.

As internet-enabled devices' ubiquity grows, defending against attacks targeting these devices becomes crucial to keeping a home network safe. Every connected device from refrigerators, thermostats, and cameras to wearables, routers, and printers represents a big privacy and security risk. Unpatched vulnerable devices can quickly become tools for hackers feeding the cybercrime ecosystem. Unfortunately, most users have no idea or knowledge of how to protect these pieces of home infrastructure.

At DerbyCon, JASK's Soto and Zadeh will release and discuss Chiron, their open-source cyber security project. Chiron applies machine learning-based analytics to home networks. In effect, Chiron is a personal security robot designed to protect your home and connected IoT devices. With Chiron, the JASK team's goal is to showcase AI and ML in an an easy-to-use analytics security tool for individuals and their homes. Chiron will:

  • Be released as free open source and available for download on October 31, 2017, here https://github.com/jzadeh/chiron
  • Run on a virtual machine and will not require much, if any, regular attention after installation.
  • Provide statistics about home networks that will help users better understand when an attack is trying to compromise their network. Chiron does this by tracking micro-behaviors -- for instance, traffic to and from malicious websites.

About JASK
JASK, the company that empowers security analysts with AI, uses advanced algorithms to deliver end-to-end network monitoring -- surfacing and triaging the most relevant attacks while providing a clear picture of the attack surface. Deployed in hours and continuously updated through the cloud, JASK injects an agile sensing and investigation layer into existing technologies that empowers security analysts to make informed decisions faster and with more precision. By accelerating discovery, analysis, and triage, JASK allows security operations teams to work with more leverage and focus on increasingly smarter, ever-evolving threats. JASK is backed by Dell Technologies Capital, TenEleven Ventures, and Battery Ventures and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information about JASK: https://jask.ai/about.

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