BERLIN, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Sep 21, 2017) - EBS Technologies, developer and provider of the Eyetronic system for the treatment of visual field loss, announces a new milestone: 300 patients have been treated with the Eyetronic therapy since its market introduction two years ago. Currently, six German eye centers offer patients affected by glaucoma or other optic neuropathies this new non-invasive optic nerve stimulation treatment.

The Eyetronic therapy enables a completely new therapeutic approach to patients suffering from glaucoma and other conditions affecting the optic nerve. By applying gentle electrical pulses to the optic nerve cells responsible for vision, the therapy achieves a two-fold effect: neuroprotection, which prevents further cell degeneration; and neurorestoration, which reactivates nerve tissue, resulting in restored vision. The method is based on a proven mode-of-action and published clinical data. Eyetronic is the first and only treatment that has demonstrated to not only slow down disease progression, but to also restore vision1 in glaucoma, the leading cause for irreversible blindness in the world, affecting 70 million people globally.

Treatment in six German therapy centers
The Eyetronic therapy consists of ten sessions of 70 to 90 minutes each, applied on ten consecutive working days. One of the first centers to introduce the innovative treatment is the Ophthalmology Clinic at Wittenbergplatz, Berlin, Germany. "The Eyetronic therapy allows us to offer patients that could not be helped with current methods a new painfree and low-risk treatment", says Prof. Dr. med. Carl Erb, glaucoma expert and medical director of the clinic. "Before starting the therapy, we examine our patients to determine whether there are still intact areas of their visiual field. This is a crucial requirement for a positive therapy outcome."

"This is an important milestone for the company and a strong endorsement of our novel therapy as we expand internationally," says Karl Schweitzer, CEO of EBS Technologies. "With Eyetronic, we offer patients and physicians not only a completely new treatment option, but also the prospect of restored vision, considered impossible before in glaucoma."

About EBS Technologies
EBS Technologies, based in Berlin, Germany, develops software and hardware for medical stimulation therapies. The company holds several patents in the EU, Japan and the USA and received CE mark based on the successful completion of a multicenter randomized controlled clinical trial. The system is approved for the treatment of visual field loss caused by neuropathies of the optic nerve.

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1 Gall C, Schmidt S, Schittkowski MP, Antal A, Ambrus GG, Paulus W, et al. (2016) Alternating Current Stimulation for Vision Restoration after Optic Nerve Damage: A Randomized Clinical Trial. PLoS ONE 11(6): e0156134.

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