Chirp and iOKids Partner to Provide Kids a Safe and Engaging Opportunity to Connect with the World Around Them


LOS ANGELES, Sept. 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Chirp, the global leader in data-over-sound technology solutions, today announced a partnership with Dynepic, Inc. for the iOKids platform, a secure, social gateway that enable kids’ connections into the digital world, all under the watchful eye of their parents.

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Through this partnership, Chirp and iOKids will leverage their best-in-class technologies and create experiences where children can seamlessly and securely connect with other children within close proximity. Children will also have the ability to interact with objects they encounter in their day-to-day lives, inside and outside of the classroom, under the supervision of their parent or a teacher, and without necessarily having to connect online. For example, existing iOKids partner The Children’s Museum of Lowcountry could utilize Chirp’s technology to allow children to personalize their experience with individual exhibits from remembering the child’s previous interaction with an exhibit and jumping to that spot, providing new content to the child.  

“iOKids has built an amazing platform that allows children to create their own safe community, and through this partnership, we are taking this to a different level,” said Moran Lerner, CEO of Chirp. “Integrating our technology into this already imaginative experience is the ideal environment for Chirp to do what it does best – provide safe, fun, magical and exciting proximal social experiences by interconnecting people with people, and objects. We are an enabling technology already widely used and trusted worldwide, and this is a perfect platform to showcase what we are all about.”

Chirp enables the iOKids platform to connect and interact with almost anything with a speaker and microphone that a child encounters in their day to day lives, from their favorite toys and games to their favorite television shows, museums, animal parks, cool gadgets, retail stores and more by using Chirp’s data-over-sound technology. iOKids ensures that both child and parent will be notified of a connection request and the parent will also have the ability to manage their child’s connections.  

“Chirp has been a mainstay in classrooms for years, and they've been inundated by teachers across the country calling for its return since the decommissioning of their consumer app in 2016, which is what caught our attention,” said Krissa Watry, Founder and CEO of Dynepic, the company behind iOKids. “We are really excited about unleashing almost every imagineable magical connected interaction Chirp can deliver, and offer children a truly innovative way to immerse themselves in a new secure way of exploring and learning – the potential in this platform together with Chirp is immeasureable. App developers on the iOKids platform will soon have access to the Chirp technology to create their own kid-safe experiences. We cannot wait to see what they create for the future of connected play and education.”

“This is not just about Chirp. This is about iOKids developing such an incredible platform that is safe and secure, yet so fun and engaging, and together we can bring real magic to every child, and their parents, in America. We are priveleged to be part of this,” continues Lerner.

Chirp has proven what their technology can bring to children worldwide with successful launches through Activision's Skylanders Imaginators, and most recently the Hijinx Alive™ Beat Bugs toys interacting with Netflix's Emmy award-winning Beat Bugs animated series.

Chirp will be available in the next iOKids app release planned for October 2017.

About Chirp
Chirp™ is the world's most trusted data-over-sound technology. Chirp harnesses the unique qualities of sound to transmit data, enabling the interconnection of millions of new types of things in a seamless, scalable, cost-effective and powerful way. This unique technology offers almost unlimited problem-solving possibilities across all sectors, including telecommunications, financial services, IoT, entertainment and broadcasting, interactive gaming, toys, robotics, transportation and many others. Chirp’s team includes some of the world’s leading scientific minds and leading acoustic technologists and engineers. Learn more about Chirp at

About iOKids
Dynepic® is trailblazing the safe connection of kids into the digital world with its iOKids® platform, allowing brands to launch the coolest, cutting edge technology powered through a privacy compliant and kid-safe family network. The iOKids app brings together kid-safe social, video, and the Internet of Toys® in a single platform with a secure API for brands to safely power their products and drive 360-degree engagement with the highest level of COPPA verifiable parental consent. iOKids is play. connected. The iOKids app is currently available for download in the US on the Apple App Store. The Android app and developer API will be available later this year. Find out more on iOKids at

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