SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 26, 2017) - appOrbit, the company that accelerates digital transformation, today announced it is an official partner of the Google Cloud Platform. The partnership will enable users of appOrbit to rapidly deploy applications on Google Cloud, as well as simultaneously manage hybrid infrastructure so customers can realize the full value of the hybrid IT.

"For our clients, it's no secret that they need the flexibility to leverage the elasticity of public cloud providers to increase the speed of development and cut costs, all without sacrificing security," said Rahul Ravulur, CEO of appOrbit. "We are excited to partner with Google to enable clients to innovate on top of GCP's world class modern infrastructure. Customers can seamlessly burst into the digital world without refactoring their applications, leveraging the speed and agility appOrbit provides on top of GCP for the resources they need. They can take advantage of GCP's state of the art infrastructure and pay for exactly what they use via GCP's fractional billing system, ensuring availability at the right price."

The appOrbit application platform makes both new and legacy business applications -- and the data they rely on -- portable to any modern infrastructure, without rewriting code, in minutes. Using appOrbit, enterprises can manage their applications on hybrid infrastructure, giving IT the flexibility they need to choose the infrastructure that best optimizes around cost, performance, security, and speed for both greenfield and brownfield applications. Use cases include provisioning Dev/Test environments on-demand; creating and refreshing test data across the application lifecycle, automatic scaling up and scaling out workloads, and seamlessly migrating between infrastructure. Moreover, teams can fully secure their most critical assets, choosing to run on isolated VMs or containers, defining network policies, and leveraging RBAC to ensure IT governance.

appOrbit and Google Platform Enables Dana Foundation to Seamlessly Modernize their IT landscape and Continuously Release Applications

Dana Foundation, a private philanthropic organization based in New York city, had a test environment provisioning process that was mostly manual, leaving them long refresh cycles, poor parity between the QA and production environments, and a high total cost of ownership. Moreover, their applications were stuck in their data center, forcing them to overpay for infrastructure usage. appOrbit and Google Cloud Platform automated the environment provisioning processes, creating QA environments with improved parity with production that could easily be customized and modernizing their application landscape so they could snapshot, clone, and deploy workloads on Google Cloud in minutes.

"Using appOrbit and Google Cloud, modernizing our application landscape to continuously deliver value to the business was a seamless transition," said Dana Foundation's CIO James Rutt.

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On October 19, appOrbit and Google Cloud Platform will participate in a webinar to discuss the benefits of using appOrbit's service on Google's Platform. Register for the webinar here.

For more information about appOrbit's partners and partnership ecosystem, visit our Partner page.

The appOrbit platform is available now.

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The appOrbit application platform makes both new and legacy business applications -- and the data they rely on -- portable to any modern infrastructure, without rewriting code, in minutes. By using appOrbit, enterprises can accelerate digital transformation, which dramatically reduces IT costs, eliminates vendor lock-in, channels savings into net-new innovation and speeds up continuous delivery models like DevOps. Founded in 2014, with backing from Kleiner Perkins and Costanoa Ventures, the company is headquartered in San Jose, California.

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