MindManager 2018 Drives Project Management Success with the Power to Visually Capture, Process, and Share Knowledge

New survey reports that lack of alignment is the leading cause for project failure and less than a quarter of workplaces take steps to address it. MindManager 2018 makes organizations more efficient, collaborative, and transparent to ensure productive and profitable projects.

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Businesses searching for a better way to accelerate productivity, foster alignment, and improve performance have a powerful new tool at their disposal. Launching today, MindManager® 2018 for Windows is the latest and most innovative version yet of the world's leading mind mapping and information visualization software.

Customers use MindManager to turn disparate information surrounding a concept, plan, or project into responsive, shareable visual maps that enable them to clarify direction and action. With support for timelines, process flows, Gantt charts, and deep integration with the applications businesses rely on, MindManager gives individuals and teams powerful tools to communicate, collaborate, and get great work done fast.

MindManager 2018 for Windows takes these capabilities to the next level with new ways to intelligently view and filter content, automate real-time changes to data, and dynamically convey complex information. Businesses of any size can take command of their most precious resources - time and work - to generate results. The latest version of MindManager is available in a standalone version for single users and an Enterprise version for teams that range from small businesses to large global accounts.

"The need for a solution that facilitates greater understanding and alignment between team members and across organizations is more urgent than ever," says Michael Deutch, Vice President of Products for Mindjet, creator of MindManager.

"In a recent MindManager Workplace survey, 50 percent of respondents said their companies' projects had failed due to a lack of alignment and only a quarter of their workplaces take steps to address it. Clearly, businesses require a better way to understand and share knowledge," added Deutch. "With the new MindManager 2018, users will not only improve their productivity when working on a project, but more importantly, they'll discover which are the right projects to work on in the first place! When teams have a shared plan and understanding, the impact on organizational success is remarkable."

New and Improved Features in MindManager 2018 for Windows:

  • NEW! Dashboard Wizard: Program your maps to convey a real-time story about a project or business. With the new Conditional Formatting tool, trigger dynamic changes in topic shape, color, and more, according to the criteria and data chosen.
  • NEW! Digital Architect: Take complete control over the look of your maps. Create custom business models and strategic plans that are beautifully designed and easy to execute. Plus, enjoy the freedom to add branded elements such as logos and other design components.
  • NEW! Strategy Toolkit: Gain a clearer understanding of relationships and intersections with new diagrams and customizable matrices that will empower better-informed thinking, smarter decisions, and improved outcomes.
  • NEW! Publisher: Share maps with colleagues via email, on favorite social media channels or embedded on websites and blog posts.
  • NEW! Interactive Presentation Export: Control the way your audience views a map with the latest evolution of the HTML5 Interactive Map Export feature. Simple controls make navigation effortless.
  • NEW! Schedule View: Get a clear picture of to-dos and task lists in an easy-to-read and instantly accessible calendar. Simply drag and drop to assign personal or team due dates and milestones.
  • NEW! Priority View: Minimize missed deadlines and ensure users are working on the right task at the right time. Tag items with priority icons and rearrange them according to urgency.
  • NEW! Intelligent Filtering: Isolate needed information with powerful filtering options based on any property. New SmartFade™ functionality brings selected information into focus while keeping the rest of the map visible in the background.
  • IMPROVED! Link Titles: Clear and concise hyperlink text shows the destination page title or custom wording.
  • EXPANDED! File Management: Choose where files should be stored. MindManager supports popular cloud systems including SharePoint and Box, with new support for Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

New MindManager Enterprise (available to teams of five or more) also offers the following new capabilities:

  • ENHANCED! Gantt Pro: Manage task information, resource assignments, and task dependencies within the Gantt view - all in a cleaner, more engaging interface.
  • EVOLVED! SharePoint Integration: Do more with SharePoint. Easier querying, control over which SharePoint fields are visualized within MindManager, and powerful filtering offer more control over SharePoint's vast capabilities, maximizing investment in the platform.
  • NEW! Simplified Admin Installer: Install the language of choice with a single installer.

"Corel is thrilled to introduce what we think is the single biggest release of MindManager to date. Early feedback has been outstanding as we deliver on top user requests, and innovate with unique capabilities that stand out in the industry," said Gérard Métrailler, Vice President of Global Products at Corel. "Over the course of the last year, we've already seen amazing adoption among long-time customers returning to the product, as well as new users coming to MindManager for the first time. And now with MindManager 2018, we're delivering a faster, smarter, more responsive tool that fits the way teams and businesses work today."

Pricing and Availability

MindManager 2018 for Windows is available now in English, French, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese as an individual license for $349 (USD), £346.80, EUR415.31 suggested retail price (SRP). Upgrade pricing is $179 (USD), £178.80, EUR213.01 SRP. (UK and European prices inclusive of VAT.)

MindManager Enterprise is available with volume licensing discounts and maintenance options for teams of 5 or more. For more information, please visit www.mindjet.com/enterprise.

Survey Results

For more information on the MindManager Workplace Survey or to download the survey report, please visit www.mindjet.com/workplace-productivity-and-planning-report.

About MindManager

Mindjet's MindManager helps individuals, teams, and enterprises do great work faster by simplifying the way they capture, organize, and share information. Transforming scattered ideas and unstructured data into dynamic visual maps, MindManager gives people a clearer understanding and greater control over their time, work, and world. Millions of global users choose MindManager to brainstorm ideas, plan and execute projects, and communicate knowledge. Mindjet is a division of Corel Corporation. For more information, please visit www.mindjet.com.

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New MindManager 2018 for Windows is the latest version of the industry's leading mind mapping and information visualization software. MindManager helps millions of users create interactive maps to drive their strategies and projects. MindManager 2018 makes it simple to visually represent critical data with new diagram types including SWOT analysis, Venn Diagrams, Onion Diagrams and more. Use MindManager 2018 to easily publish on the web or export interactive maps. Share maps and interactive diagrams over social media or embedded in blogs, intranets and websites.