ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 29, 2017) - Leading workplace financial wellness provider, Edukate, announces today its partnership with health wellness company, DHS Group. The employee financial wellness activity generated by Edukate's technology is now integrated into DHS Group's healthcare benefits management solution, HealthSpective, to empower employers with actionable data on their workforce's financial and physical health. With the addition of users' financial health data, employers using DHS Group's solution gain a more holistic understanding of employees' overall wellbeing and the impact of current benefit offerings.

With a mission to provide every person access to individualized financial guidance, Edukate solves problems that cause the financial stressors most Americans experience each day. It achieves this by delivering resources and guidance for employees struggling with finances, similar to how traditional health wellness solutions offer support for employees with health challenges. The employee financial wellness assessments and activities Edukate generates can also be integrated into health wellness platforms, like DHS Group's HealthSpective, to create a complete engagement solution.

"By integrating with Edukate, DHS Group offers employers the ability to address the number one cause of health stress by helping their workforce gain control and feel confident about their finances," said Jim Pritchett, DHS Group CEO. "Edukate's approach to alleviating personal financial stress is an ideal fit for our wellbeing platform. Not only does the solution offer a simple, interactive user experience that drives engagement rates, but it also makes a significant difference in users' health and productivity."

"Traditionally, financial wellness and healthcare have been segmented into two different benefit groups and addressed individually. Edukate's partnership with DHS Group is bridging this gap in a significant, innovative way," said Chris Whitlow, founder and CEO of Edukate. "We want to show users the real impact their spending has on their stress levels and overall health. By teaching employees how finances and health are connected, we are providing them with actionable steps they can follow to gain control over their overall health -- which benefits both the individual and their employer."

To learn more about Edukate, please visit www.edukate.com. For more information about DHS Group, visit www.dhsgroup.com.

About Edukate
Edukate is a workplace financial wellness provider with a mission to provide every person access to expert financial guidance. Its solutions solve problems that ease the financial stressors most Americans experience each day. Edukate helps employers provide the best financial wellness benefits, thus helping employees manage their financial stress, increase their productivity, and live happier, healthier lives. www.edukate.com

About DHS Group
With roots extending back to 1997, DHS Group simplifies the data behind healthcare, creating actionable solutions, engagement tools and resources that elevate population health. To do so, they rely on their highly experienced, multi-disciplinary health experts who collaborate closely with their client base. www.dhsgroup.com

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