NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - October 03, 2017) - Kepler Group announced today the release of Keyword Miner, a tool that uses natural language processing to improve paid search buying efficiency and automate complex keyword analysis. It's the latest upgrade to the company's proprietary Kepler Intelligence Platform™ (KIP). Beta testing across Kepler's clients has shown more than a 30% improvement to both cost per click and cost per sale.

The key advantage of Kepler's new search tool is its ability to quickly analyze large volumes of real world user searches and identify optimization opportunities. Its use of natural language processing enables Kepler teams to break down each search into its constituent words and phrases, analyze variable word sequences, and then recombine results into logical groupings for implementation.

"The tool can glean in minutes what might have taken multiple analysts an entire day to painstakingly analyze," said Lea Crowne, Associate Director of Optimization & Innovation at Kepler. "We use these insights in rapid fashion to block certain word combinations, to get much more precise with bidding, and to inform creative testing at a scale and speed that just isn't supported by traditional data analysis."

Keyword Miner complements KIP's existing paid search module, which includes such tools as automated optimization algorithms that dynamically adjust bids and budgets, and is particularly helpful at managing highly complex campaigns. For example, the company is currently using it to manage a single client's search requirements in English, Spanish, Mandarin and seven other languages.

Implementing Keyword Miner is part of Kepler's strategy to streamline and improve labor intensive processes, enabling more sophisticated campaigns and significantly improved performance. By reducing workflows up to 90%, KIP-driven automation also gives Kepler's in-house experts substantially more time to focus on strategic client activities.

Deployed over the past three years, KIP is a multi-platform system designed to provide marketers with seamlessly coordinated targeting, optimization, reporting and control across the entire marketing ecosystem. While other data solutions are typically limited to a single channel such as programmatic media or outbound email, KIP's open architecture enables Kepler to integrate all major third-party platforms across digital media (including paid search, Facebook, Instagram, display, and video), email, call center, sales team CRM, and e-commerce.

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Kepler, founded in 2012, is an independent provider of digital and database services to Fortune 500 clients in financial services, retail, healthcare and other industries. Its core services revolve around helping clients use data to power more dynamic and personalized marketing -- including programmatic media services, CRM strategy and management, and marketing systems integration. Utilizing its proprietary Kepler Intelligence Platform™, Kepler actively manages client programs in over two dozen countries. Kepler is headquartered in New York City and also has offices in San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia. For more information, visit

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