Dover Microsystems Launches CoreGuard™

First Hardware-Based Cyber Security Approach Protecting IoT and Embedded Computing Devices Against Cyber Attacks


WALTHAM, Mass., Oct. 04, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dover Microsystems, a hardware security startup recently spun out of Draper, announces the launch of the CoreGuard™ security IP solution. CoreGuard is a hardware design that enhances computing processors to safeguard systems from cyber attacks. By integrating with the market’s leading processors and enabling them to enforce security at the hardware level, CoreGuard provides IoT and embedded computing devices with unrivaled protection.

Dover began commercializing the CoreGuard technology in 2015, while the company’s core team was still part of Draper. Draper has maintained a minority equity stake in Dover and has a licensed partnership to serve its traditional government and military customers with the technology developed by the Dover team.

Dover’s technology is geared to the embedded device and industrial computing markets with a special emphasis on the Industrial Internet of Things. Verticals include the semiconductor, medical, energy, transportation, point of sale, and connected home markets.

“Cyber threats continue to increase, both in volume and severity, and the costs of today’s flawed defense mechanisms keep rising,” offered Jothy Rosenberg, Dover Microsystems Co-Founder and CEO, and formerly group leader of Draper’s Inherently Secure Processing Group. “No other security approaches—especially not security software—can provide the level of protection we deliver.”

Based on original research conducted as part of the DARPA funded CRASH SAFE program, CoreGuard has demonstrated immunity to entire classes of cyber attack, including buffer overflow, code injection, and privilege escalation attacks. Systems utilizing CoreGuard are protected from name brand attacks like Heartbleed and Wannacry, and can even be protected from zero-day attacks.

By solving security at the hardware level, CoreGuard protects computing systems from vulnerabilities caused by human error during software development. “Even the best hackers have not figured out a way to download changes to your processor," Larry Ellison, the noted Oracle founder, once remarked. "You can't alter the silicon.”

CoreGuard can be implemented with any Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) processor and is currently optimized for the latest generation RISC-V architecture.

Dover Leadership Team:

Co-Founder & CEO Jothy Rosenberg is responsible for the strategic management of the company. Dover Microsystems is Rosenberg’s ninth startup since leaving a teaching position at Duke University in the 1980s; two of his previous companies have exited at over $100M. In addition to his entrepreneurial career, Rosenberg has written three books and is the founder of the Who Says I Can’t Foundation.

Co-Founder Marco Ciaffi is Dover’s VP of Engineering and is responsible for the company’s hardware and software engineering efforts. Prior to founding Dover, Ciaffi led RSA’s hardware security division and held previous positions in engineering at Hewlett Packard and Digital Equipment Corporation.

Chief Revenue Officer Gary Christelis leads Dover’s business development and legal efforts. Christelis has previously held C-suite business and legal roles with several Boston area start-ups and is active in the Boston start-up community.

Chief Technology Officer Steve Milburn leads Dover’s hardware product development efforts. Previously, Milburn worked in product development roles for Microchip and Qualcomm.  He has also overseen product design at two previous tech startups.

Chief Scientist Greg Sullivan imagined Dover’s flagship CoreGuard security solution and continues to be involved in every technical aspect of Dover’s engineering efforts, primarily driving the company’s software development efforts. Previously, Sullivan worked in software engineering roles as well as in academic posts at MIT and Boston College.  

About Dover Microsystems

Dover Microsystems is the first company bringing real security to silicon. Dover’s CoreGuard security IP solution delivers protection against cyber attacks and integrates with market-leading processors without significantly compromising performance or functionality. For more information about the company please visit, or visit Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube

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