Meet the Mods at Shoptalk Europe

MODernized Customer Engagement Turns Browsers and Buyers Into Lifelong Brand Advocates

Sacramento, California, UNITED STATES

San Francisco, CA , Oct. 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ModSquad, the on-demand digital engagement services company, will be at Shoptalk Europe, October 8-11, 2017 in booth number K56. The company will be sharing with conference attendees its tried and true “MODernized” approach to digital customer engagement that creates brand loyalty and consumer advocacy retailers crave.

“There is so much commotion and chaos in the retail marketplace today, making it imperative for companies to have 24×7 expertise to attract, nurture and grow their customer base,” said Amy Pritchard, founder and CEO of ModSquad. “Meeting us at Shoptalk, gives start-ups to big global retail and e-commerce companies an opportunity to see just how effective ModSquad can be at fortifying relationships with their customers in a time when consumers shift loyalty on a whim, penny differences in price and the impact of bad reviews.”

Shoptalk organizes the world’s most important events for retail and e-commerce innovation. Held annually in both the U.S. and Europe, Shoptalk events represent unprecedented gatherings of individuals and companies reshaping how consumers discover, shop and buy. Each event provides a platform for large retailers and branded manufacturers, startups, tech companies, investors, media and analysts to learn, network, collaborate and evolve. Shoptalk Europe will be hosting a sold out audience at The Bella Center in Copenhagen.

Founded in the digital world, ModSquad blends expertise with technology to create amazing customer relationships and communities for brands. Guided by the belief that people with an affinity and experience with the subject, product or brand create positive digital engagement as a community manager, customer support or social media manager. This has led to a worldwide network of Mods made up of experts who apply a best in class approach to create engaging experiences that fit both the brand persona and customer profile.   For ten years, ModSquad has been the trusted provider for the largest consumer brands, entertainment, technology, and government entities to forge authentic and trusted relationships with their respective audiences.  

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About ModSquad

ModSquad is a global provider of on-demand digital engagement services, known as ModSourcing: outsourcing MODernized. Our experienced professionals engage your customers and communities on a personal level across online, mobile, e-commerce, in-game, application, and social media channels. ModSquad offers expert-level service in customer support, moderation, social, and community. We’ve strategized, designed, and delivered digital initiatives for clients in more than 70 countries, with the capacity to respond in 50+ languages and dialects. We are the Mods!


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