10 October 2017
Announcement No. 24

Extraordinary General Meeting of NKT A/S - demerger adopted
At the current General Meeting of NKT A/S, cf. company announcement No. 20 of 18 September 2017, a demerger of NKT A/S was adopted by the General Meeting. The demerger was adopted on the terms and conditions set out in the demerger plan dated 11 September 2017 with schedules, pursuant to which part of NKT A/S’ activities, assets and liabilities will be transferred to a new company named Nilfisk Holding A/S.

Upon completion of the demerger, NKT A/S’ holding of shares in Nilfisk A/S and certain other activities, assets and liabilities of NKT A/S related to the Nilfisk business will be contributed to a new Danish limited liability company to be named Nilfisk Holding A/S. The demerger will be implemented as a tax-exempt demerger under the Danish Merger Tax Act.

Upon completion of the demerger, the shares of Nilfisk Holding A/S will (i) subject to the final consent of Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S, be admitted to trading and official listing on Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S and (ii) be distributed to the shareholders in NKT A/S proportionally to their shareholdings in NKT A/S.

The draft Articles of Association of Nilfisk Holding A/S were also adopted by the General Meeting.

After conclusion of the General Meeting, the decisions of items 2 to 8 on the agenda will be announced.

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