LONDON, Ontario, Oct. 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On this International Day of the Girl, International Justice Mission Canada ( invites all Canadians to help protect children from cybersex trafficking by taking the NotOnMyScreen pledge (

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Cybersex trafficking is the devastating live-streamed sexual exploitation of children viewed over the internet. Pedophiles and predators anywhere in the world can search online and pay to direct live sexual abuse of children.

This global crime is growing at an alarming rate and is fueled by the behaviour of Canadians online. Of 60 countries investigated, Canada ranks in the top three for hosting websites and images, and selling material containing child sexual abuse (

“Cybersex trafficking is a devastating crime. These are real children being abused in real time,” says IJM Canada Executive Director Ed Wilson. “As Canadians, we can take a stand on behalf of these children and commit to helping protect them. Raising awareness and taking this pledge is one small step each of us can take.”

Canadians can join the nationwide movement to raise awareness and help end this form of online abuse. Canadians can:

•   Get a sticker.

  • Give the campaign to end cybersex trafficking the visibility it desperately needs. Get your sticker for a donation of any amount at

•   Take the pledge.

  • Victims of cybersex trafficking are often young children. They don’t get to say “No.” But you do. Take the pledge to stand against cybersex trafficking of children.

•   Start the conversation

  • Canadians can lead in addressing this issue. Help raise awareness by advocating online.

Learn more and take the pledge at


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