SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 12, 2017) - Two industry leaders announced their merger at the 20th Annual HR Technology Conference, being held this week in Las Vegas. San Francisco-based Talent Sonar announced its acquisition of San Diego-based Talent Function, the recruiting consulting firm founded by industry expert Elaine Orler.

Founded in 2014 by technologist Laura Mather, Ph.D., Talent Sonar's suite of SaaS hiring decision solutions are engineered to mitigate unconscious bias in the recruiting process. With Talent Sonar, companies can be assured of attracting and hiring the best candidates for every job. The system does this through three mechanisms. First, job description optimization attracts the broadest representation of qualified candidates. Next, the platform enables an end user redacted resume review experience, delivering candidate ranked results based on skills and competencies for the position. Finally, Talent Sonar's simple drag-and-drop structured interview script process ensures all interview participants have the instructions necessary to deliver a quality interview experience for both interviewer and candidate. Through the full set of data-driven evaluation steps, the best quality hiring decisions are enabled for its customers.

Considered the recruiting technology industry's premier thought leader, Elaine Orler has been designing and implementing global talent acquisition solutions as a practitioner and a consultant for more than 20 years. In addition to founding Talent Function, in 2011 she formed and chaired Talent Board, a non-profit organization that has forever changed the conversation about how job candidates are treated.

Laura Mather, founder and CEO of Talent Sonar, welcomed Talent Function's bench of recruiting experts. "Talent Function has a superior reputation for helping companies focus on quality hiring practices that drive stronger business performance. Elaine has also been instrumental in the science of a positive candidate experience, a concentration that aligns with our company objectives. We're delighted to welcome Elaine and her team's expertise to our team."

Orler, founder and CEO of Talent Function, said, "Not only does this merger expand our services as experts in transformational recruiting practices, it aligns with our core values on inclusion and process design, and makes us part of an exhilarating technology revolution in talent acquisition. We're excited to join Talent Sonar."

Talent Function will operate under the Talent Sonar brand starting January 1, 2018. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About Talent Sonar
Talent Sonar is a comprehensive platform that raises the bar on recruitment and selection, structures the entire hiring process and delivers higher quality candidates to an organization. It is a scientific talent acquisition tool that empowers companies to simplify data-driven decisions to find people that are the right fit. Talent Sonar operationalizes data and research, empowering companies across sectors to implement 21st century talent acquisition practices in every hiring decision. It's easy-to-use cloud interface focuses on five research-based essential hiring practices to perfect a company's hiring process, guiding users to make data-driven decisions that achieve great results every time you hire. Find out more at and @TalentSonar.