MapR Launches Managed Services for Improved DataOps

Optimizes big data infrastructure to accelerate customer success with data  

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MapR Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in delivering one platform for all data, across every cloud, today announced new Managed Services for the MapR Converged Data Platform. Available immediately, customers can focus on building a wide range of applications from analytics to machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), while MapR manages the daily operations of the customer’s big data infrastructure from on-premises, across clouds and to the edge.  

MapR Managed Services are designed to enable customers to focus on accelerating greater value from the MapR Platform by turning over day-to-day operations to MapR. The service includes MapR taking on operational responsibilities including patching, monitoring, optimizing performance, SLA management, regular customer reviews and security updates. The service is designed to help companies support workflows based on DataOps, which extend traditional DevOps teams to include data-focused roles such as data engineers and data scientists.

Select members from the MapR Converge Partners program also serve a key role in the new MapR Managed Services by managing the application infrastructure, such as servers, network, or applications.

“The MapR Converged Data Platform brings a modern data system to enterprises looking to harness the value of all their data,” said Thomas Weber, vice president, AppAgile (PaaS and Big Data), T-Systems.  “We look forward to collaborating with MapR on this new managed service to help take the complexity out of global big data infrastructure operations.  With the MapR Managed Services our joint customers will have the agility and uptime to focus resources on the areas that make the most impact on their business.”

“As an Elite SI MapR partner, Emtec is excited to be an integral part of the new managed services offering,” said Dhiraj Gadia, director, ClearCARE® Managed Services, Emtec. “Our comprehensive suite of services runs the gamut from setting up the infrastructure needed to get MapR up and running, to customized platform and application support, development and training that enables clients to leverage the power of big data, while focusing internal resources on more core business functions. Emtec’s managed services solutions and deep expertise with the MapR platform offers organizations a cost-effective way to better understand their data and build continuous improvement enterprise-wide.”

The new MapR Managed Services enable companies to quickly deploy and maintain the MapR Platform without hiring and onboarding specialized operations staff.  The service will be available to MapR customers worldwide.

“Organizations today are trying to harness the power of big data in real-time to improve business incomes,” said Arvind Gidwani, head of managed services, MapR.  “At the same time, IT budgets are flat, and companies are struggling to find and retain qualified personnel to operate and maintain big data infrastructure.  With MapR Managed Services we can put the full power of the MapR Converged Platform in customer’s hands even faster, helping them gain immediate business outcomes.”

More details on the new MapR Managed Services can be found here

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