MIAMI, Oct. 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Moo Moo Ties wants to introduce you to a new way of being cool! They are excited to have launched a Kickstarter campaign today, October 18th, utilizing crowdsourcing to help bring their genuine leather ties to the world!

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Their genuine leather ties start with traditional American craftsmanship with a patent pending design in which they fold the leather to create a knot and seamlessly attach a leather neck strap. With over 20 different color combinations and a comfortable fit, there is a tie for every occasion.

Jason, the creator of Moo Moo Ties, understands that people want to stand out and express themselves. Jason has always been a creative person and enjoys expressing himself through various art forms as well as fashion. He became interested in crafting things in leather, and that is how Moo Moo Ties was born. “The truth is, ties haven’t changed much over the past hundred years - but rules are meant to be broken.” -Jason.

Feature product details:

  • Quality genuine leather
  • Ease of use with the adjustable neck strap
  • 20 different color combinations to dress up or down
  • Patent pending design on the knot formation
  • Traditional American craftsmanship
  • Water/stain resistant

To Jason, leather has always represented this idea of being cool... the idea of being bold enough to live life on your own terms and never apologizing for it. When Jason’s son was little, they had been in France standing in a field of cows in the beautiful countryside and his son kept yelling “moo moo” and laughing - it became his nickname. When they named the company, Jason felt it was a perfect fit.

You can find their campaign at The neck ties are priced at $90 and the bow ties at $75. If you order ahead on Kickstarter, you can get a sweet 40-60% off!


Media Contact:
Jason Caplan