Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc. receives observation status (296/17)


The exchange has established that Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc. does not fulfil the applicable admission requirements as set out in First North Nordic Rulebook. According to the rulebook, an administrative decision may be made to remove the issuers financial instruments from trading on Nasdaq First North in the event an issuer does not meets the applicable admission requirements According to the rulebook, the exchange shall give the issuer’s financial instruments observation status before the exchange removes the issuer’s financial instruments from trading on Nasdaq First North. The Disciplinary Committee of the exchange is responsible for decisions to remove financial instruments from admission to trading on Nasdaq First North. 

With reference to what is stated above, Nasdaq Stockholm AB has decided that the shares in Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IMNP, ISIN code US45254C2008, order book ID 032838) will be given observation status.

För eventuella frågor om detta börsmeddelande vänligen kontakta Caroline Folke och Karin Ydén på telefon 08-405 60 00.

For further information concerning this exchange notice please contact Caroline Folke or Karin Ydén, telephone + 46 8 405 60 00.