DANBURY, CT--(Marketwired - Oct 24, 2017) -  Crown World Mobility (CWM) -- the world-renowned provider of domestic and international end-to-end workforce mobility solutions -- recently hosted the Worldwide ERC webinar entitled "Generational Trends and Forecast in Domestic Relocation," which focused on the millennial generation and how its impact on mobility influences the changes seen in domestic relocation. Interest around the topic was high, with more than 700 people registering for the event -- a record for an ERC webinar!

"It is a very exciting time in our industry as millennials have become an integral part of the workforce, and there is a lot of interest about generational trends in mobility," said Regional Director of World Mobility North America Lisa Mendelhson, who presented the webinar. "I'm hopeful that the trends that were discussed will inspire organizations to consider new possibilities and innovative ways of thinking and adequately prepare them for the road ahead."

The Sept. 14 webinar not only highlighted the millennial generation, but also provided insight and shed light on those in their 30s to 40s, who support aging parents and their own children -- and how they are changing the face of mobility. Additionally, the webinar featured examples of how corporate clients have addressed this change in the mobility industry.

CWM's next webinar will be held on Oct. 26 at 11 a.m. ET and is entitled "How to Overcome Immigration Becoming a Barrier to Moving Talent." Hosted by CWM's global compensation and immigration practice leader, Jennifer Baillie-Stewart, the session will touch on key trends within immigration over the last six months, highlighting trends in the Americas, Europe and beyond. For more information on this webinar and to register, visit http://www.worldwideerc.org/Events/Pages/WEBINAR_10262017.aspx.

For more information on CWM and its webinars, visit http://www.crownworldmobility.com.

Crown World Mobility
Crown World Mobility (www.crownworldmobility.com) is a division of the Crown Worldwide Group, established in 1965 and headquartered in Hong Kong. Crown World Mobility helps corporations manage global talent and talented individuals perform on the global stage. In a world that seems to be constantly shrinking, managing a globally mobile workforce creates challenges for any organization. These challenges are human in scale -- global assignments involve the everyday lives of transferees and their families. But there are policies to navigate, formalities to coordinate and legalities to adhere to -- at the same time as concentrating on a new assignment and getting a job done. Crown's approach is to work with all stakeholders to find the right solution, implementing a global mobility program that is successful for the whole organization. This often means finding a unique solution, which Crown has the experience and capability to deliver.

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