Are Antimatter Asteroids Partially Responsible for the Recent Rapid Wildfires in California? Asks Dr. Santilli of Thunder Energies Corporation

Tarpon Springs, Florida, UNITED STATES

TARPON SPRINGS, Fla., Oct. 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Ruggero M. Santilli, Chief Scientist of Thunder Energies Corporation, a publicly traded company with stock symbol (OTC:TNRG), suggest that small antimatter asteroids annihilating in our atmosphere should be considered, among other possibilities, as a possible origin of at least some of the recent rapid wildfires in California that have caused the death of 42 fellow Americans (

Dr. Santilli states: "Some or the peculiarities of the recent wildfires in California are the following: the rapidity of their occurrence such to prevent at times residents to leave their houses; the burning of cars at such a temperature to melt their metals while trees nearby were scorched but not burned; the apparent detection of fireballs coming from the sky; and other unusual occurrences ( Small matter asteroids cannot explain these peculiarities since, following an initial incandescence during their trajectory in our atmosphere, they cool down and drop to the ground without causing any fire. By contrast, small antimatter asteroids are known to annihilate at the contact with our atmosphere by creating an increasing fireball that will either explode in air or on the ground by releasing all possible electromagnetic radiations without any crater on the ground, thus being a plausible origin of at least some of the recent rapid wildfires in California ("

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"It should be noted that numerous fireballs followed by wildfires have occurred in the U. S. A. as well as abroad. The progressive annihilation in our atmosphere of small antimatter asteroids is also their most plausible interpretation due to the lack of craters in the ground, the progressive increase of their incandescence and other behavior impossible for conventional matter asteroids. This is the case for: the recent fireball with ensuing wildfire in New Hampshire ( Similarly, the 1871 rapid wildfire in Chicago that killed over three hundred fellow Americans following a fireball coming from the sky with such a high temperature to melt bricks (; the 2013 fireball from the sky in Russia that also caused vast destruction without any crater in the ground ( and numerous other similar devastation."

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"Unfortunately for serious scientific democracy, most of my former academic colleagues abuse their academic authority to dismiss and discredit as "fringe science" the existence of antimatter asteroids because they are not admitted by Einstein's theories. However, said theories were formulated decades before the discovery of antimatter. Hence, the dismissal of antimatter asteroids without due scientific process is appreciable because: done on the basis of an old and inapplicable theory; perpetrated in disrespect of our National Security; and voiced under the oblivion of clear experimental evidence in support of antimatter asteroids, which evidence includes not only the event reported here, but also the 1908 Tunguska explosion in Siberia which was the equivalent of one thousand Hiroshima nuclear bombs that flattened trees on an area in Siberia as big as New England without any crater. To maintain the validity of Einstein theories also for antimatter, the widespread position in academia is that it was caused by an ice comet. The documented evidence ignored by academia is that people could read newspapers at midnight without artificial light in most of the Northern Hemisphere for days following the explosion. This evidence establishes that most of Earth's atmosphere had been ionized. This evidence discredits the academic views since an ice comet cannot possibly ionize Earth atmosphere in any appreciable amount, and established beyond credible doubt that the Tunguska explosion was due to a large antimatter asteroid progressively annihilating at the contact with our upper atmosphere and then exploding at contact with denser atmosphere (see the chronology of the Tunguska explosion"

Thunder Energies Corporation supports due scientific process in the study of antimatter asteroids due to their relevance for National Security because, in the event our Country is hit by an antimatter asteroid the size of a football, all our civilian, industrial and military communications will be disrupted for days. In view of such a relevance, Thunder Energies Corporation can provide at no cost the revolutionary Santilli telescopes for the detection of antimatter galaxies and asteroids.

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Dr. R. M. Santilli (CV is a world leader for studies on antimatter, following decades of research in the field (Antimatter CV

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