Chaos Sumo Announces Industry’s First Smart Object Storage for AWS S3

Offers Free ‘Quick Start’ Community Edition for Data Discovery and Management

BOSTON, Oct. 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Chaos Sumo, pioneer of smart object storage, today announced the first intelligent data discovery, management and analytics service to live directly within an Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 instance. The patent-pending Chaos Sumo Smart Object Storage service turns costly data silos into an intelligent data lake that seamlessly organizes, models and analyzes content without having to extract the data or be restricted by manual schema, processing and or procedures. The company has also made available a free, ‘quick start’ data discovery and management service, called Chaos Sumo Community Edition.

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While AWS S3 is quickly becoming the cornerstone of cloud, mobile and web services, it is only storage and users lack the ability to extract value from its contents. Basic analytics of the data requires moving it out of AWS S3 through data scaffolding and custom-built extract-transform-load (ETL) code, to other services. This introduces risk to data integrity, added cost, complexity and requires specialized skills to do right. Chaos Sumo Smart Object Storage was created to solve this problem, saving organizations time and money, while maintaining the integrity of an organization’s most valuable asset – its data.

“All the new, powerful analytics tools on the market have one fatal flaw – they can’t do their own AWS S3 discovery without significant customization or specialists,” said Thomas Hazel, founder and CTO, Chaos Sumo. “Our vision of Smart Object Storage is to inject analytics directly into the data store itself. The first step to that reality is the ability to know what you have and be able to organize it with a click of mouse, which is why we’ve released a free service for anyone to use.”

Chaos Sumo is an elastic, always-on cloud service that bypasses ETLs entirely by placing a lightweight abstraction layer and API on top of existing AWS S3 instances. The patent-pending Chaos Sumo Data Edge technology automatically creates a universal file format that can be discovered and organized without moving the data. Data is then instantly ready to publish to any commercially available or customized warehouse like Redshift or Snowflake.

“Massively expandable storage, such as S3, has created a powerful use case for object storage, but has also created bigger ‘data swamps’,” said Eric Slack, senior analyst, Evaluator Group. “Organizations are now putting a lot of resources toward finding intelligence in that preponderance of data and realizing there’s a major gap in their analytics and data strategy. Integrating self-service data discovery and analytics into an S3 instance, through Smart Object Storage, will save big on time and resources. It can also be the ‘secret weapon’ for many companies looking to harness data for competitive advantage.”

The new free Community Edition enables data managers, devops engineers and AWS administrators to understand what data they have and how to better manage it with full access to:  

  • Quickly discover all data sources in your AWS S3 buckets including CSV, LOG, JSON, Text, XML, Image, Video & More.
  • Catalog all of your object storage data broken down by type, size, history, and more.
  • Reduce risk by knowing if objects are public or private; identify duplicate data for reduced storage costs.
  • Automatically find, organize and associate all files with shared attributes (e.g. name, size, type, meta-tags).

“After several years of data hoarding, most organizations now find themselves in the unfortunate position of having so much data they don’t know how to distinguish and organize between the value and the clutter,” David Greschler, COO, NOMAD, a real-world marketing data analytics company. “What Chaos Sumo brings to the table is an easy, effective way to manage the madness without having to navigate a maze of complex technologies that really only get you part way to solving the issue.”

More information about Chaos Sumo Smart Object Storage can be found here: To start using Chaos Sumo Community Edition for free, visit

About Chaos Sumo
Chaos Sumo is Smart Object Storage™, an S3 compatible API and service to organize, search and analyze your object storage data, all in one place. Chaos Sumo collapses costly data silos and infrastructure and delivers the industry’s fastest time to insights by eliminating the development and coding typically associated with transforming, integrating, and managing big data, turning object storage into an Intelligent Data Lake. Data can be organized, managed, modeled and analyzed directly via REST or SQL, or published to Tableau, Looker or RDBMS services. With initial availability on AWS S3, Chaos Sumo starts to deliver value in minutes, and learns from your data and queries, making your data engineers, analysts, and data scientists more productive.​ For more information and a list of career opportunities, please visit, or on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Founded in 2017, Chaos Sumo is headquartered in Medford, MA.

Smart Object Storage is a trademark of Chaos Sumo, Inc.

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