Lombardi Award and new Lombardi Honors set in Houston for Jan. 27, 2018.


HOUSTON -TX, Oct. 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Over the past five decades, the name Lombardi has been associated with one of college football’s premier awards, a landmark event in Houston, and a generous contributor to cancer hospitals and patient care.  

Now, under the direction of the recently formed Lombardi Foundation, the 2017 Lombardi Award will be presented during the Lombardi Honors event at the Hobby Center for the Performing in Houston’s Theater District on Saturday, January 27, 2018. The event will also include the induction of a college football icon into the Lombardi Hall of Fame, as well as honor a legendary Collegiate Coach, Broadcaster, Humanitarian and the College Football Coach of the Year. Proceeds of the event will go to organizations that support cancer research and treatment including; Texas Children’s Cancer Center, MD Anderson Cancer Center and Harris Health Cancer Treatment Centers.

“As Chairman of the Lombardi Foundation, it is my great honor to serve the Lombardi Family and the college football community, while honoring the next generation of American leaders,” said Richard Slemaker III, Lombardi Foundation Chairman. “The Lombardi Award is the most significant tribute in college football focused on positive leadership. We plan to grow this event while continuing to create awareness and fundraising for cancer initiatives.”

The Lombardi Award will be presented to a college football player, regardless of position, based on performance, as well as leadership, character, and resiliency.  The former granite block award will be replaced with a new trophy designed by Texas sculptor Edd Hayes, known for his life-size work seen throughout the nation.  

Members of the new Lombardi Foundation, formed this summer, include Judge Robert Eckels, director of Texas Central Railway as President; Rocky Emery of Hilltop Securities Wealth Management as Treasurer, and John Lombardi, the grandson of Coach Vince Lombardi, as ex officio member. Board members include; Eric Johnson, owner of Culver’s Restaurants; Andrew Malloy, executive board member of Greffex Inc.; Spencer Tillman of Axiom Sports Productions and FOX Sports TV analyst; and Fred Zeidman, chairman of Gordian Group.

“Leadership is what we now honor with the award named after one of America's most acclaimed leaders, Vince Lombardi,” said Slemaker. “Today, leadership is the attribute in greatest demand, yet shortest supply and Foundation looks forward to honoring a deserving player at the new Lombardi Honors.”




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