BREMEN, GERMANY--(Marketwired - October 31, 2017) - TobyRich, the only drone company that focuses on app controlled planes, has been chosen to feature their two new products, SmartPlane Pro and SmartPlane Pro FPV+ through the innovation driven Best Buy Ignite program. Both planes will now be available at the El Camino Best Buy store in Mountain View California, as well as online at

In support of start-ups and in line with their strategy to bring new and innovative products to their customers first, Best Buy has created an Ignite program. Showcasing the latest and most exciting start-up technology for consumers, Best Buy Ignite carefully selects products they see potential in, to bring these to early adapters first.

"Best Buy is one of the biggest references in consumer technology we are thrilled to have our SmartPlane Pro and SmartPlane Pro FPV+ be chosen for the Ignite program," begins Toby Dazenko, Co-Founder of TobyRich. "We know our German engineered planes offer premium quality and unique non-stop aviation style movement unlike anything else on the market. That, combined with our flight teaching app, as well as the virtual reality option, makes TobyRich SmartPlane Pro and SmartPlane Pro FPV+ an excellent addition to the Best Buy Ignite program!"

Playful and fun, SmartPlane Pro FPV+ offers unique non-stop aviation style movement similar to real-life planes. While traditional quadcopter drones tend to hover and jerk, SmartPlane Pro FPV+ offers a smooth and stunning ride encouraging beauty in movement. The new model carves out beautiful flight paths and bold stunts thanks to the durable craftsmanship behind this collection.

Pilots can experience each movement their flight takes with virtual reality glasses while the intuitive smartphone control is easy to operate. And with this movement comes fun - SmartPlane Pro FPV+ is designed in Germany. Just as German made cars carry a reputation of quality and precision, SmartPlane Pro FPV+ is equally as reliable. The unique aircraft is made of ultra-durable TobyRich DURINUM® material and the aircraft fuselage is made of high-tech reinforced carbon fibre. Built to survive the impact and toll aviation movement takes on drones, SmartPlane Pro FPV+ withstands collisions inherent in active flights and landings.

To be one of the first journalists to fly SmartPlane Pro FPV+, please contact Dalyce at

About TobyRich:

Co-founders Tobias "Toby" Dazenko and Ulrich "Rich" Ditschler combine their passion for tech, games and all things gadgets with some hard-core aviation experience offering the only app controlled planes that empower everyone with the ability to fly! Designed in Germany, TobyRich drones are known for ultra-durability. And the unique non-stop aviation style movement of these planes offers a playful and fun experience that encourages flight paths and stunts that dreams are made of!

The group was a winner of the IoT accelerate Berlin Innovation Award sponsored by Google and Ericson in 2015. TobyRich was also successfully participated in the German equivalent of Shark Tank.

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