ATLANTA, Nov. 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CoinMD, the world's first universal healthcare network to accept transactions in cryptocurrency, is expanding its set of member features to include rewards for patient fitness.

The program, called CoinMD FitRewards, uses fitness tracker data collected by smartphones and watches to identify and reward healthy behavior. One of the first use cases for this feature will be rewarding CoinMD members with CoinRewards for every step they take and every calorie they burn.

A CoinMD member who uses FitRewards to earn CoinRewards for every step taken is producing value for the rest of the network by reducing the likelihood of cardiac disease. The American Heart Association notes that regular brisk walking lowers blood pressure, manages cholesterol levels, and reduces the risk of contracting diabetes. These are the three main factors that contribute to heart disease and stroke.

By rewarding members who live a healthy lifestyle, CoinMD is positioning itself to offer better, more affordable healthcare services and insurance policies than available to the general public. They key to the platform's ability to do this is the implementation of a rewards-centric cryptocurrency for in-network transactions.

As the company's second white paper, “CoinMD Use Cases: How the Network Benefits Consumers and Health Providers” explains, members can redeem CoinRewards to CMD cryptocurrency, and then spend their balance on healthcare products and services on the platform. Since having healthier members on the platform reduces the costs for out of pocket healthcare expenses, the company is able to assign and distribute these rewards to health-conscious members. CoinMD calls this ‘SmartCurrency for WealthCare’.

As a loyalty and rewards strategy for earning new CMD, the approach is completely revolutionary compared to mining cryptocurrency by resolving increasingly complex mathematical equations, which is the manner favored by the largest and most well-known cryptocurrencies currently on the market.

“It makes sense for us to pay back the people who use our FitRewards program because, in making our private universal healthcare platform healthier, they are improving it and the quality of their own lives.  – Thomas McMurrain, CEO, CoinMD

CoinMD is currently navigating the United States regulatory environment while connecting U.S. patients and medical tourists to affordable, high quality healthcare in ten countries worldwide.

About CoinMD

CoinMD, Inc. is a private membership network designed to make healthcare more affordable. Linking world-class healthcare providers with an active pool of consumers, CoinMD uses the buying power of the network to negotiate deals that lower costs for members. The network also enables members to earn CoinRewards by making insurance payments on time, using in-network health and wellness providers, and sharing CoinMD with other people.

CoinMD uses a new cryptocurrency powered by a secure blockchain and designed to gain value over time, instead of losing value like national currencies. Anyone of any age—seniors, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, or Millennials—can join CoinMD to benefit from lower costs today and a more secure retirement tomorrow.

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