PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 02, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OpsPanda, the leader in Cloud-based Sales Resource Planning Software today announced the Fall17 product release for its Sales Resource Planning and Analytics Solution. The new release includes feature updates that provide greater visibility into both operational sales plans and sales team productivity.  

“Our latest OpsPanda release will provide our customers with a quick and easy way to gain insights into their True Sales Capacity and the factors that influence their ability to achieve their targets,” said Jon Kondo, Founder and CEO of OpsPanda.  “Our goal for this release is to provide customers with the flexibility to analyze their sales team capacity and performance. With better visibility into critical sales data, sales leaders will be able to analyze and determine exactly how factors like attrition, hiring and ramp are really affecting their business, and clearly see the impact that any deviations from a sales plan has on sales performance,” added Kondo.

OpsPanda’s product update continues to provide strategic business leaders with more effective ways to plan and monitor their sales team’s performance while adapting to changing environments. Below are highlights of the new features:

  • New executive level dashboard - Provides users with a quick and straightforward assessment of their sales team’s performance against their operational sales plan. The executive level dashboard automatically highlights highest and lowest performing territories and sales reps so users can easily recognize key areas that need immediate attention and identify ways to course correct in order to achieve their sales targets. With valuable data made available at a glance, including KPIs that allow you to pinpoint plan deviation and determine the impact it has on bookings, users will spend less time collecting data and more time acting on it.

  • Valuable plan comparisons - Provides users with the ability to compare plans side by side and quickly analyze the impact, variance, and outcome of different scenarios. Users can compare actuals to plan, best and worst-case scenarios, and new plans to baseline plans. By using OpsPanda’s plan comparisons, users can easily create revisions to plans and instantly see the difference that even the slightest change to a plan can make to bookings, capacity and hiring. With more insights and a better understanding of the weight and impact of certain scenarios, users can take appropriate action to ensure they have a plan that will work for their business.

  • Activity feed - Presents users with a record of changes and updates made to plans. With a detailed history log and the ability to track all changes made to a plan, including when the adjustment was made and the bookings impact of that adjustment, users can avoid confusion and maintain better version control. OpsPanda’s new activity feed provides users with superior planning capabilities by allowing them to see both the financial impact and the effect on capacity that any adjustment to a plan has.

The OpsPanda Fall17 product release is available now. For more information schedule a demo at

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OpsPanda empowers companies to meet their true sales capacity. We make it easy to develop complex, multi-dimensional resource and quota plans that can be conveniently measured against current sales performance data. With superior insights into the factors that affect sales capacity, businesses are better equipped to consistently hit their booking targets. Based in Palo Alto, California, OpsPanda was founded in 2014 by sales and engineering veterans of the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software industry.

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