MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 7, 2017) - Pramati Technologies, a global leader in software products and services, today announced that its ThumbSignIn Strong Authentication platform supports the FaceID facial recognition feature released as part of the Apple iPhone X. Pramati will provide all its existing and new customers a free upgrade of its cloud service, on-premise deployment, and mobile SDK, enabling them to add face recognition-based authentication -- in addition to the existing fingerprint matching capabilities -- to their consumer portals and enterprise apps.

As part of Pramati's continuing mission to make Internet services more secure, ThumbSignIn users who upgrade to the iPhone X will now be able to log in to their enterprise systems using Face ID, just as they already do using Touch ID.

"ThumbSignIn was founded based on our belief that strong authentication mechanisms will inevitably become ubiquitous, rapidly replacing password-based authentication across the board," said Vijay Pullur, co-founder and president of Pramati. "Apple's launch of FaceID corroborates our conviction that this paradigm shift is real and irreversible."

"Since Apple's Face ID was announced, we have been eagerly awaiting the release of iPhone X," said Praveen Kanyadi, Co-Founder and VP Products, SpotCues Inc. (, a customer of ThumbSignIn. "We were delighted how quickly and seamlessly the ThumbSignIn team added support for Face ID. It says a lot about the way their platform is architected to support new authentication methods in a pluggable fashion."

About ThumbSignIn

The ThumbsignIn Strong Authentication SaaS platform enables enterprises to easily supplement or replace password based authentication with a modern password-less authentication system that is not only easier to use but also an order of magnitude more secure, as it is designed to protect against phishing, man-in-the-middle, and replay attacks using stolen passwords.

Under the hood, ThumbSignIn uses public key cryptography to securely perform user authentication, which takes place entirely on users' mobile devices, with the biometric information never being transmitted outside the device, thus eliminating many attack vectors and minimizing the attack surface area. ThumbSignIn's authentication solutions are based on its FIDO UAF certified server and mobile SDK products.

About Pramati

Pramati Technologies, a privately held company based in Hyderabad, India, and Mountain View, California, builds independent companies focused on profitable, well-defined markets in social, mobile, and cloud computing technologies. Among its companies are Reve Marketing, Inc. (, a marketing technology solutions company, WaveMaker Inc. (, Rapid Application Development platform, SpotCues Inc. (, an enterprise BOT platform, and Imaginea Inc. (, a software innovation services company. Pramati companies serve large customers like Morgan Stanley, ICICI Bank, Visa, Kimberly-Clark, Sara-Lee,, and others. Pramati has operations at Mountain View, California; London, UK; and Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru in India. For more information on Pramati, visit the company website at

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