JERICHO, N.Y., Nov. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nectar Services Corp., the leader in the development and deployment of proactive network monitoring and performance management software for the Unified Communications (UC) industry, today announced it has partnered with Gigamon to offer an advanced integrated solution for UC network monitoring diagnostics. The combined solution includes both a UC management platform and a visibility platform probe that is needed to enhance true real-time network diagnostics. The new partnership enables Nectar's partners and enterprise customers to more quickly and easily resolve network issues and reduce IT support costs for complex UC environments.

"Nectar is clearly recognized as a leader in Unified Communications (UC) monitoring and performance management," said Adrian Liu, Director of Alliances, at Gigamon. "Our partnership with Nectar will give customers effective and efficient access to a comprehensive, real-time UC monitoring solution that enables customers to quickly identify, isolate and remediate UC performance issues. The Gigamon Visibility Platform is an ideal solution to help ensure Nectar's Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP) has access to all the relevant network packet and flow data it needs to perform optimally."

There is an increasing need in UC deployments to more effectively and quickly address issues that are impacting communications quality and the user experience. "Probe-less" solutions try to solve complex UC quality-affecting issues without any way to capture traffic information on the network in real time. Although adequate for basic health and performance monitoring that reports on manufacturer provided data, these "probe-less" monitoring tools lack the capability and real-time data knowledge to fully analyze UC signaling and media traffic over the network. Additionally, they have limited ability to provide actionable intelligence for root-cause analysis to pinpoint where and how to fix network related UC quality issues.

Nectar's UC Management Platform (UCMP), when combined with the Gigamon Visibility Platform™, provides unique insight into network traffic and events in real time. This unique approach optimizes the correlation of network activity and events to application performance—thus pinpointing the location and nature of network events that are impacting quality.

"When the quality of voice, video and other web-based UC communications suffers, so does user experience and productivity, thus impeding UC adoption. Combined, the Gigamon Visibility Platform and Nectar UCMP helps partners expedite UC monitoring deployments," said Joe Fuccillo, chief technology officer for Nectar Services Corp. "With our UCMP solution integrated with Gigamon Visibility Platform, Nectar delivers the real-time visibility and value of 'probes' for signaling and media analysis while correlating that information in real time with both UC application and network level data. Utilizing this integrated solution, our managed service partners and enterprise customers will be able to ensure high-quality communications, control operational costs and maximize their return on investment."

About Nectar Services Corp. Nectar, a global market leader in providing the most comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics software solution for Unified Communication services enables IT and operation organizations to proactively ensure the end-user experience. Our flagship offering, the Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP), which improves visibility and service delivery across integrated voice, video and data application solutions by providing unique and critical performance information. Nectar provides monitoring and diagnostics for millions of enterprise endpoints to over 2,100 enterprises in over 86 countries—including some of the largest global banking, search engine, service provider, healthcare and manufacturing organizations in the world.

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