Kilopass Achieves 1000-Hour Qualification on Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Highly Demanded 40nm Low Power Process

Kilopass NVM OTP IP Will Serve Mie Fujitsu Customers Developing Consumer Products Including Cameras, Wearables, and Personal Medical Devices

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kilopass Technology Inc., a leading provider of semiconductor logic embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) intellectual property (IP), today announced that it successfully achieved 1000-hour qualification and characterization on the 40nm Low Power Process of Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor, a Japan-based pure-play foundry company. Highly demanded by Mie Fujitsu customers, this process is very popular with SoC designers building consumer electronics such as digital cameras, electronic wearables, and personal medical devices. The 1000-hour qualification required separate wafers containing Kilopass OTP NVM memory on the Mie Fujitsu 40nm process. Each sample was subjected to and successfully passed high temperature operating life (HTOL) and high temperature storage life (HTSL), stress tests defined by JEDEC-47H to evaluate the reliability of memory over time.

“We are extremely pleased to offer our one-time programmable, patented anti-fuse, non-volatile memory IP on the Mie Fujitsu 40 nm process,” said Charlie Cheng, CEO at Kilopass Technology Inc. “Writing a bit in the Kilopass 2-transistor bit cell converts the program transistor to a permanently low resistance. Once programmed, the bit cell permanently retains its new state. Our HTOL and HTSL testing demonstrates a storage life of over 10 years.  Since first qualified in 2005, this bit cell design has shipped in over 10 billion semiconductor devices.”

“Kilopass has been a great partner in porting its anti-fuse OTP NVM to our 40nm process,” said Masahiro Chijiiwa, executive vice president of Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor.  “Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor is building a platform for best-in-class processes that realize ultra-low power consumptions based on deeply depleted channel transistors with embedded non-volatile memory options, including embedded Flash technology as well as multi-time programmable and one-time programmable NVM, applicable to consumer application such as IoT and wearable devices.  For OTP NVM we rely on partners such as Kilopass who have a track record for providing high-quality and reliability in their offerings.”

About Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor
Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor is a pure-play foundry company based on 300mm wafer manufacturing facilities located in Kuwana city, Mie, Japan. Headquartered in Yokohama, it was established as a subsidiary of Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited on December 1, 2014. UMC became its minority shareholder in March 2015. Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor provides high-quality technology and services, with wide-ranging expertise focusing on Ultra-Low-Power, Non-Volatile Memory and RF Technology. For more information, please see:  

About Kilopass
Kilopass Technology, Inc., a leading supplier of embedded NVM intellectual property using standard logic CMOS processes to deliver one-time programmable (OTP) and few-time programmable (FTP) memory. With more than 60 patents granted or pending and more than 5,000,000 wafers shipped from a dozen foundries and Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs), Kilopass has 150 customers in applications ranging from storage of firmware and security codes to calibration data and other application-critical information. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif.  For more information, visit or email Follow Kilopass on LinkedIn

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