Press release
Outside trading hours - Regulated information*

Brussels, 15 November 2017, 08 h

Publication of transparency notification(s) received by KBC Group NV

(art. 14, 1st section of the Act of 2 May 2007 concerning the disclosure of significant participations)   

Summary of the notification(s)

KBC Group NV has received a transparency notification dd. 8 November 2017, which states that BlackRock Inc. has crossed the reporting threshold of 5% (in voting rights) downwards. 

Content of the notification(s)

The notification(s) contain(s) following information:

  • Reason for the notification(s): acquisition or disposal of voting securities or voting rights
  • Notification(s) by: BlackRock Inc.
  • Persons subject to the notification requirement: see annex 1
  • Date(s) on which the threshold is crossed: 7 November 2017
  • Threshold that is crossed: 5%

(KBC Group's Articles of Association set a notification threshold of 3% of the total number of voting rights. In addition, the legal thresholds of 5% or any multiple thereof also apply)

  • Denominator (number of shares KBC Group NV): 418 372 082
  • Notified details: see annex 1
  • Chain of controlled undertakings through which the holding is effectively held:
    See "11: Full chain of controlled undertakings through which the holding is effectively held" in the PDF-file on (see below).
  • The relevant notification(s) is (are) available at > Investor relations > Shareholder information > Shareholder structure.

Full press release attached.