HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Nov 15, 2017) - Quantico Energy Solutions (Quantico) announced today the release of QOpt, a drilling optimization solution that maximizes rate of penetration (ROP) and reduces the overall cost to drill a well. This artificial intelligence (AI) technology identifies the optimal drilling parameters by simultaneously incorporating actual formation properties and analyzing offset drilling data -- all in real-time.

QOpt generates real-time unconfined compressive strength (RT-UCS) by processing the data already collected during the drilling process. By comparing trends in RT-UCS and mechanical specific energy (MSE), the software is able to distinguish between changes in formation properties versus energy misapplication leading to drilling dysfunction. With the optimal drilling parameters plus real-time formation tops, the driller is able to stay in, or return to, the efficient drilling window. The formation properties can be delivered at the bit or ahead of the bit to give drilling engineers the necessary lead time to make proper decisions.

"Quantico's QOpt solution is a major inflection point in applying artificial intelligence to improve drilling efficiency," said Barry Zhang, CEO, Quantico. "By using data that companies already have, drillers now can incorporate RT-UCS without the cost and risk of running sonic tools."

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Founded in 2012, Quantico Energy Solutions is a data analytics company based in Houston, Texas. The company's focus is on providing artificial intelligence solutions that address major challenges in the development of oil and gas resources worldwide. Today, Quantico works with the world's largest oil and gas companies in both offshore and land markets. For more information, please visit www.quanticoenergy.com.

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