LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 15, 2017) - Oblong Industries, Inc., the pioneer of interactive spatial computing environments for the new era of collaborative work, has helped Holder Construction transform how it collaborates. A leading contractor of large commercial projects, Atlanta-based Holder has deployed the Mezzanine platform to connect team members together in multiple locations for seamless collaboration with content coming from multiple sources.

Doug Hunter, SVP for Pre-Construction at Holder, confirms all projects of the firm go through his group. His staff in several cities meets regularly to review architectural plans before construction begins. The team chose Mezzanine to improve visual communication and collaboration across locations, and the choice is saving time and money. 

As Chad Douglass, Director of Pre-Construction, describes, "We had a client who was very early in the conceptual phases of putting a project together. Our Virtual Design and Construction department sat in the Mezzanine room with the Revit file up on the screen and started making adjustments on the fly -- what if we stretched this building a little bit taller, what if we made it a little bit wider. The ability to use Mezzanine and bring everyone into one place, in real time, meant that it was a five-hour effort as opposed to a five-week effort, because we had the technology to solve the problem quickly."

With Mezzanine, the distributed team is able to seamlessly share multiple pieces of content at the same time, including drawings, timelines, budgets, and bids, easily from familiar applications. The pixel-rich multi-screen data visualization and creation capabilities of Mezzanine enable large files to scale and render with fine resolution. Zooming into the details is naturally easy, as is annotating content and capturing display views in the moment. So, for example, when looking to value-engineer a major project for a client, multiple versions can be assessed simultaneously. Insights are surfaced, and issues are addressed together in real-time, instead of in a serial fashion with a lot of back-and-forth.

"It's clear that when all the stakeholders, tools, and materials can meaningfully converge -- wherever they are located, including on the job site -- problems are surfaced and solved quickly," says John Underkoffler, CEO, Oblong Industries. "Mezzanine's fluid visual canvas for teamwork delivers that convergence, and it's changing the game for innovative companies. We're delighted that Holder is finding Infopresence to be of immediate collaborative value for their organization."


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