SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ScaleFT, the Zero Trust security company, today announced the launch of a new BeyondCorp Anywhere community initiative. The new program is designed to identify ambassadors for BeyondCorp that ScaleFT will sponsor to run regional meetups for companies and developers interested in the latest information on BeyondCorp. ScaleFT is also taking the BeyondCorp message to cities across the United States, including Austin, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Seattle.

“We believe Zero Trust is the best security model and BeyondCorp, pioneered by Google, is proof that it works,” said Paul Querna. “No company understands scale, speed and productivity better than Google and they created a new paradigm for security that doesn’t get in the way of users, it helps people do their jobs. There is a huge community interested in this new security paradigm and that’s why we launched our new BeyondCorp Anywhere initiative.”

ScaleFT is recruiting ambassadors to run local meetups for anyone interested in BeyondCorp. The company will sponsor activities around meetups organized by security experts in the community who apply to become advocates. For more information on ScaleFT’s BeyondCorp Community Initiative, please visit Experts interested in organizing future meetups can apply online here.

ScaleFT has scheduled BeyondCorp meetups in the coming months that are free and open to anyone who signs up here. Cities and dates already confirmed for BeyondCorp community meetups include San Francisco on January 10, 2018 followed by Seattle on January 24, Boston on February 13th, New York on February 15th and Austin on February 28.

ScaleFT announced in July the pre-release of the ScaleFT Access Fabric, a globally distributed authorization engine that allows enterprises to emulate security practices pioneered by Google. With ScaleFT, customers can now rely on a cloud-native access management platform that better protects company resources without the need for VPNs by making intelligent access decisions in real-time based on dynamic user and device conditions. ScaleFT’s Zero Trust solutions for managing access to company web apps and servers assume that traffic within an enterprise’s network is as trustworthy as traffic on the public Internet. ScaleFT integrates natively out of the box with an enterprise’s choice of identity governance solutions, including Okta, G Suite, Active Directory, and more.

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ScaleFT helps companies enable access to sensitive resources through a Zero Trust security platform that makes intelligent, context-aware access decisions in real time, eliminating the need for VPNs. Founded by startup veterans from The Apache Software Foundation, Cloudkick,, JBoss, MongoDB and Rackspace, the company is venture-backed with offices in San Francisco and Austin. Follow us on Twitter @ScaleFT.

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