NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 16, 2017) - Moodo, the first-of-its-kind, customizable smart home scent machine, today announces its general purchase availability via the website, -- just in time to set the mood for holiday parties or be given as a gift. The scent diffuser works with Amazon Alexa or the Moodo app to instantly change the room's scent based on individual preferences. Moodo was first introduced to consumers last year through Indiegogo, where the device raised over $200,000, surpassing its goal by 221 percent.

"Personalization is king in today's smart home, but scent hasn't had a starring role until now," said Yoav Avidor, CEO of Agan Aroma and Moodo creator. "With 50 years of fragrance development experience, we know that smell can completely change the mood of a room. Seeing a gap in the market, we created Moodo to bring a new custom scent experience to consumers with a limitless array of custom home fragrances to choose from. We're excited to open the possibilities Moodo offers to consumers everywhere." 

Moodo appeals to the strongest of the five senses by giving you control over your environment's ambiance instantly. Unlike other products on the market, Moodo is centered on customization and personalization. The Moodo system includes the 4.0x4.8-inch fragrance dispenser, an inspiring selection of fragrance capsules, the Moodo app and connectivity options via Wi-Fi or a smart home device. You can manually change the intensity of any capsule, use the app's fragrance dials to create your own scent or ask Amazon's Alexa to adjust the scents for you.

Sold as "Scent Families," each Moodo family pack contains four different scent capsules that can be used with one of Moodo's suggested presets or personalized by blending scents. Each family has been grouped together by expert perfumers for an optimal blend, so no matter which fragrance is ruling over the others, the resulting scent is enjoyable.

There are currently six scent families available that invoke new moods and emotions, from taking a walk in the woods to exploring temples in India: Cozzzy, The Gardens of Kanazawa, Oriental Delights, Beach Party, Ashram Spa and Fresh Vibrations, with more on the way. Filled with scent-infused beads, the capsules don't require any manual mixing or pouring and last around two months, or 60 hours of continual use.

The device uses fans with adjustable speeds to diffuse the scents throughout a 600-sqft room without any wax, aerosol residue or mess to clean up. After creating a signature scent, you can use the app to share with friends and set timers to diffuse different scents throughout the day. Moodo's app is available for free download on iOS, Android or Amazon Alexa.

The Moodo starter pack, which contains the fragrance machine and three scent families, is available for purchase at for $189.00, with additional scent families available for $29.95 each. For more information about Moodo, please visit the website.

About Moodo
In 2016, the visionaries behind 50-year-old fragrance company Agan Aroma created Moodo, a home IoT scent diffusing device that works with an app or Amazon Alexa. Moodo instantly changes any environment with scents like Cozzzy and Ashram Spa, and provides the option to personalize, mix and save custom scent variations.

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