TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 17, 2017) - The Premier's decision to table back-to-work legislation for striking OPSEU contract faculty undermines the constitutional right of all Ontarians. The right to strike is protected under the Charter.

"Today's decision to table back-to-work legislation by the government is wrongheaded," said Ontario Federation of Labour President Chris Buckley. "The government's action sends a message that employers are more important than working Ontarians and that leaves workers across this province unsure of whether the government values what they do every day to keep this province going."

"Collective bargaining is a constitutional right, and it should not be removed with the stroke of a legislative pen," added Buckley.

The OFL applauds the Ontario's New Democrats action in standing up for the rights of workers and students.

Taking a stand at the bargaining table and going out on strike is one of the most important ways that workers can make gains for themselves, their co-workers, and future generations of workers - including the college students that are affected.

More young workers today find themselves in precarious and insecure work than a generation ago. The work conditions contract faculty currently face is no different than the reality awaiting these students when they graduate. The fight for decent work is their fight too.

With less than one week until the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act passes, the government is sending the wrong message with its back-to-work legislation.

The OFL's Make It Fair campaign has been advocating for worker protections under Bill 148. The OFL is demanding changes to the Bill equal pay for equal work, as OPSEU contract faculty are demanding. The government is set to vote on Bill 148 next week.

The OFL supports faculty and the hundreds of thousands of precarious workers across this province in their demand for decent work. The contract faculty on strike are on the picket line not just for themselves but for all Ontario workers.

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