TORONTO, Nov. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rover Parking, Canada’s leading marketplace for shared, peer-to-peer parking proudly announces that as a result of a new partnership with ChargeHub, an option for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging is now available on the Rover Parking mobile APP. This new partnership will give users on both Rover and ChargeHub that are renting our parking spaces the ability to provide and monetize for electric plug access.

“This partnership and functional APP integration is a critical step for present day that is going to have exponential impact for tomorrow and into the future. Our goal is to work with ChargeHub to help build and expose a multi-national footprint of EV charging spots that are as easy to find and use, as are local gas stations. Increasing the ease of use of electric vehicles across North America is one of our primary strategic objectives. We’re tremendously proud and excited to have taken this first step towards that ultimate goal, says Rover Founder Grant Brigden.

“Our mission at ChargeHub is to increase electric vehicle adoption by simplifying the charging experience.  By providing an easy way for electric vehicle drivers to securely provide access to their home charging station to others, EV drivers will have more places to charge their vehicles, making the charging experience easier than ever.  We are really excited to see how users take full advantage of this integration, says ChargeHub Founder Oliver Proulx.

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About Rover Parking
Rover is the marketplace for shared parking. People often refer to Rover as the airBnB of parking, creating a brand new supply of parking from space not traditionally associated with public access. These include spaces such as personal driveways, churches, schools and businesses.

Rover is also creating a better overall parking methodology by moving parking away from a centralized “lots” based model to a fully dispersed and distributed approach, having tremendously positive impacts on cities and their communities.

The Rover Parking APP can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android at or via the App Store or Google Play.

About ChargeHub
ChargeHub is a community driven platform that helps electric vehicle drivers beat “range anxiety” by helping them find over 56,000 public charging stations in Canada and the US.

Over 250,000 people have used ChargeHub to find charging stations, add reviews or pictures.  Users can also see live status and pay for charging directly in the APP, making the charging experience simple and enjoyable.

ChargeHub is available for free on the web at or via the App Store or Google Play.

Contact Information

Grant Brigden – Founder, Rover Parking

Oliver Proulx – Founder, ChargeHub