The Austrian IT security company ProCom-Strasser introduces a new security product for cloud applications to the world market, enabling companies, operators of critical infrastructures and public authorities to securely store their data in cloud storage solutions. The special technological security concept was developed in close cooperation with cryptography experts at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. The product innovation will be presented from 21.-24. November 2017 at Milipol 2017 in Paris, the global leading event for Homeland Security. The AIT exhibition is part of an Austrian group exhibition, organized by Advantage Austria in cooperation with the Austrian Defence & Security Industry.

Vienna/Paris, 22.11.2017 (AIT) - In contrast to classical encryption, which is turned into a fig leaf by the rapidly approaching completion of quantum computers, fragmentiXTM brings real information theoretical security to the user by splitting resp. fragmenting and storing these fragments separately from each other in different Simple Storage Solutions (S3). Even a future quantum computer can't produce the original file from too few fragments alone. This approach, which has been known in theory for more than 50 years, has now become an easy-to-use product for companies and authorities through fragmentiXTM.
The concept: each of the up to 26 fragments does not contain any usable data. Through the deliberate selection and combination of storage locations for these fragments - public cloud storage, private cloud storage or own NAS storage - each fragmentiXTM user can determine for himself where the data fragments actually are stored. Only when a user-defined number of fragments is reassembled by the fragmentiXTM devices, the original data is available again. This so-called frX-ratio is the ratio of the fragments required for the restoration of the total number of generated fragments.

Risk of interception significantly reduced
At least two thirds of all fragments are required to restore the original file. It does not matter which 2 of the 3 fragment parts are available - which results in a significant reduction of the risk of data loss. Different fragmentiXTM devices can create up to 8, 16 or 26 fragments and transmit them to the storage locations over multiple WAN network connections. This makes monitoring via an ISP (Internet Service Provider) much more difficult. Without patronizing technical decisions of fragmentiXTM, each user can change and use the appropriate configuration for himself. The use of fragmentiXTM in a company network is conceivably simple due to its integration as a network drive in the LAN under WindowsTM or Linux-based systems.

Werner Strasser, Managing Director of ProCom-Strasser GmbH: "Every user of modern communication is affected by the imminent end of today's global encryption by the use of quantum computers. Whether it's "just" the private holiday photos and medical reports or the construction plans of a company - in the age of "asymmetric hybrid warfare" everyone is invariably a victim of cyberattacks - regardless of whether they are pupils or pensioners, civilians, soldiers or entrepreneurs. The vast majority of people will either ignore or resign to this global threat. With fragmentiXTM it is our declared goal to give all organizations, which do not want to accept that their data will become the public domain of other actors, a chance to defend themselves in the digital world."

Thomas Lorünser, leading cryptography expert and project manager at AIT: "As part of the EU project PrismaCloud our experts have succeeded in transferring knowledge from cryptography research into easy-to-use software for the product fragementiX. We are pleased that with ProCom-Strasser we have an Austrian partner on board who can roll-out and offer our innovations on the world market. This proves our central and successful mission in making leading know-how from research and development practically applicable, thus strengthening the Austrian business location."

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About ProCom-Strasser GmbH
ProCom-Strasser GmbH has been an Austrian provider of solutions for increasing IT related security since 1991. In addition to products and in-house developments, ProCom-Strasser and its team also offer high-quality consulting services for companies and authorities. With the market launch of fragmentiXTM on the basis of a long-term cooperation with AIT, ProCom-Strasser addresses the global IT security market with an in-house product "made in Austria".

About AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria's largest non-university research institute and a highly specialised research and development partner for industry. Its researchers focus on the key infrastructure issues of the future: "Energy", "Health & Bioresources", "Digital Safety & Security", "Vision, Automation & Control", "Mobility Systems", "Low-Emission Transport", "Technology Experience" and "Innovation Systems & Policy". Around 1,300 employees carry out research on the development of those tools, technologies and solutions that will keep Austria's economy fit for the future in line with our motto "Tomorrow Today".

In the context of comprehensive and global networking and digitization the Center for Digital Safety & Security is developing modern information and communication technologies (ICT) and systems in order to establish secure and reliable critical infrastructure. The center focuses on the following key technology areas: Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT), highly secure and highly available software and systems as well as next generation wireless communication (5G), advanced encryption methods (Quantum Safe) for virtual IT systems, data science for new approaches to modern data management (big data, blockchain technologies), as well as latest sensor technologies and systems for the protection of critical infrastructure, command and control systems for use in modern crises and disaster management, as well as property protection within critical infrastructure and digital identity management by state-of-the-art biometrics sensors.

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