BELIZE CITY, BELIZE--(Marketwired - Nov 27, 2017) -  Crypto Investor, Inc. announces the AuX Token Pre-ICO launch. GoldCrypto is the world's first cryptocurrency uniquely backed by ongoing production of physical gold bullion, thereby creating an accretive gold reserve backing for the AuX Tokens. This accretive gold backing provides for AuX Tokens to exceed the traditional "Gold Standard" and to be rapidly positioned as a major cryptocurrency.

AuX Tokens present a Global Currency, backed by Ever-Increasing Gold.

The major advantage of the approach is that physical gold is pre-purchased for AuX Token holder benefit at a steep discount to market price from production ready projects while the metal is still in the ground. Therefore, all Pre-ICO and ICO participants will benefit significantly from the extraordinary entry-level upside opportunity, of close to half-price gold, that will not be repeated following the close of the Pre-ICO and ICO.

The initial AuX Token gold backing is approximately US$1.70 per AuX Token based upon a current gold market price of $1,275 per ounce. The Pre-ICO and ICO steep discounts offer AuX Token holders the opportunity to secure a gold-backed position through AuX tokens at an approximate 50% discount to recent gold market prices.

Gold pre-purchase, or streaming, is not novel and is a well-established practice in the mining industry. Notable major publicly listed companies that pre-purchase future gold stream delivery from gold mine production opportunities include Franco-Nevada, Silver Wheaton, Royal Gold, Sandstorm, and Osisko Royalties.

To further enhance the unique AuX Token cryptocurrency opportunity, their value will ever increase, as additional gold-backing leverage is achieved through 45% of all delivered gold bullion being re-invested in further gold pre-purchases. These incremental gold pre-purchases will continuously increase the AuX gold-backed reserve. 50% of all delivered gold bullion will be stored in secure recognized vaults, and 5% will be donated to establish sustainable community projects in third-world and developing countries through the 'CrypDonate' Social Enterprise.

With regard to the AuX Token cryptocurrency market opportunity, there has been much recent commentary regarding the potential demise of fiat currencies, and from many commentators, the lack of any assets or true value backing the numerous cryptocurrencies that have entered the market, including market leader Bitcoin (BTC), which has traded through record levels exceeding US$9,400 per BTC over the past 24 hours.

Against this background, the AuX Token is a game-changer that will reintroduce trust in currencies through the establishment of a new digital currency that is cryptographic, transparent, accountable, and backed by gold, all validated on the unchallengeable blockchain. Most importantly, holders of AuX Tokens will have total control over the way they store, spend, exchange, or remit AuX Tokens.

Crypto Investor, Inc, the Service Operator/Administrator of, has entered into a gold pre-purchase agreement with Scottsdale based Key Capital Corporation (OTC PINK: KCPC) to acquire gold bullion on an ongoing basis that on delivery will be stored in recognized industry vaults to back the AuX Tokens. Key Capital will monitor the ongoing pre-purchased gold production and mine performance of each project pursuant to its Agreement, and in the interests of AuX Token holders. Key Capital will also continue to source new gold production projects to increase the physical gold bullion reserves backing the AuX Tokens. Key Capital is supported by a core team of proven expert resource industry specialists with extensive experience across all mining disciplines. See:

GoldCrypto AuX Tokens are the 'Future of Money' and have the potential to over time become a global reserve currency.

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