Cytovance Biologics, Inc. announces Bexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. has chosen Cytovance to manufacture the protein component and active ingredient of Bexion’s first clinical compound, BXQ-350

OKLAHOMA CITY, Nov. 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cytovance Biologics, Inc. (Cytovance), a leading full-service contract development and manufacturer of mammalian and microbial biologics, today announced that it has been chosen by Bexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Bexion) to manufacture the protein component and active ingredient of Bexion’s first clinical compound, BXQ-350. An ongoing supply of this protein will support Bexion’s continued drug development efforts, including planned Phase II clinical trials.  

BXQ-350 is a unique formulation of the human lysosomal protein, Saposin C (sphingolipid activator protein, or SapC), and the phospholipid dioleoylphosphatidylserine (DOPS). Cytovance and Bexion are working on the scale-up process in anticipation of increased drug requirements.

“As Bexion’s need for BXQ-350 has continued to increase, Cytovance has been very responsive to our requests,” stated Dr. Ray Takigiku, Founder and CEO of Bexion. “From scheduling multiple protein runs to improving our process, their team has provided welcomed expertise.”

Bexion recently completed a successful First-in-Human Phase 1a dose ranging study in adult patients with advanced solid tumors, where BXQ-350 was shown to be well tolerated at all five doses with no dose limiting toxicities observed and with no serious adverse events attributed to the therapy. Phase 1b is now underway. 

“Cytovance is very excited to be a part of such an innovative project with Bexion,” says Mike O’Mara, VP of Manufacturing at Cytovance Biologics.  “We are delighted to support Bexion by ongoing manufacturing of BXQ-350 in our cGMP state-of-the-art facilities.”

About Cytovance
Cytovance Biologics, Inc. is a full service CDMO and was founded in 2003.  At Cytovance, we provide unparalleled support to biopharmaceutical companies to move new, safe medicines from the lab bench to those who need them most.  We’re committed to a healthier world.  Cytovance offers a comprehensive range of development and cGMP manufacturing services. For more information, visit

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About Bexion
Bexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a privately-held biotech company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative cures for cancer. Bexion’s first-in-class biologic, BXQ-350, has demonstrated selective tumor targeting with the potential for clinical efficacy in a broad range of cancers. In 2013 the NCI awarded Bexion a prestigious “Bridge Award” of $3MM to support testing of BXQ-350 in the clinic. In February 2015, the FDA granted Bexion Orphan Drug status for Saposin C, the active ingredient in its proprietary drug BXQ-350, for the potential treatment of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), a type of brain cancer. In June 2015, Bexion won a Tibbett’s Award by the Small Business Administration for exemplifying the very best in innovation. For more information, visit

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