Ripple Safety, the World’s Smallest Personal Safety Wearable, Announces CES Debut

First-of-its kind safety solution chosen for Eureka Park Marketplace; exhibit to feature live product demos and more

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, UNITED STATES


  • Ripple Safety’s unmatched service includes access to a 24/7 monitoring team of safety experts.
  • Service can be used in uncomfortable situations and emergency situations.
  • It’s the smallest personal safety device on the market – the size of a dime.
  • Ripple Safety’s device never needs charging.
  • Ripple Safety’s innovative design does not look like a safety device – it truly is discreet and can be worn anywhere on you.
  • Ripple Safety is unlike any other personal safety device on the market – going beyond simply emitting a loud noise, allowing your friends and family to track your location via GPS, or sending your network of contacts an alert so they can try to get you help.

NEW YORK and FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 29, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ripple Network Technologies, Inc., makers of the world’s smallest personal safety wearable, today, announced Ripple Safety will be featured at the upcoming CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Marking its CES debut, the company’s showcase, which will include live product demos and more, will be located in Booth 51481 of the Eureka Park Marketplace at the Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G.

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“As the premier innovation and technology show, CES is known for catapulting companies – particularly startups – to the next level,” said Ripple CEO Tim O’Neil. “On the heels of our recent successful launch, we are excited to continue the momentum, and introduce Ripple Safety to the global CES audience.”

Ripple Safety is not another panic button or stand-alone safety app. It is the personal safety service for the modern world – truly solving both emergencies and uncomfortable situations. And, unlike other personal safety wearables on the market, Ripple Safety’s device is water-resistant and the size of a dime. The discreet Bluetooth wearable links to the user’s smartphone and can be accessed without anyone noticing. The device connects users to Ripple Safety’s U.S.-based monitoring team of safety experts so, instead of calling for help, the help calls you.

Trained Ripple Safety professionals handle all alerts, and alerts needing immediate, emergency attention are relayed to 911. When a user signals for emergency assistance, the Ripple Safety monitoring team conveys all necessary information from the user’s in-app profile to First Responders – including the location of the individual, physical description, and medical information – ensuring the most immediate and accurate response. Ripple Safety users can customize the service based on their own need:

  • When pressed once, the software immediately initiates a call-back from the Ripple Safety Team to assist the user. This is ideal for situations when users are feeling uncomfortable, but don’t have an emergency (e.g., leaving work late, walking the dog at night, or returning home alone, etc.).
  • In emergencies, the button is pressed three or more times. The Ripple Team follows the user’s defined in-app instructions, and can immediately alert 911 with the user’s profile and exact location, getting them the emergency help they desire without having to say a single word.
  • The user can also skip the live-monitoring service option, and opt to use the system to alert friends with a customized message and user location. This peer-to-peer service is free.  

Ripple Safety’s wearable is available at for a one-time cost of $19, plus a nominal subscription price of $10 per month for the monitoring safety service, which can be used 24/7, anywhere in the country, and users may cancel at any time. The wearable is water-resistant and lasts for six months with no charging required. When the device expires, Ripple Safety mails active subscribers a brand-new device, for free.

More About Ripple Safety
Ripple Network Technologies, Inc. was co-founded in 2015 by Rees Gillespie, the creator of Ripple Safety, and his lifelong friend, Jaime Gomez. Rees was inspired to create Ripple Safety after his mother, a real estate agent, continuously asked him to call and check on her while attending showings with unknown clients. Inspired by wanting to ensure that everyone had instant access to a safety network that can be utilized anytime, anywhere, Rees set out to create a trusted safety service that empowers users to live their lives knowing safety experts always have their back. To learn more about Ripple Safety, visit or follow on Facebook and Instagram

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