Global Capital Network Investor Roadshow Begins in La Jolla

Carlsbad, California, UNITED STATES

LA JOLLA, Calif., Dec. 04, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Capital Network (GCN) will conclude its year end work with emerging growth companies with it’s winter investor roadshow series in California.  The companies will present from December 5th to December 8th in La Jolla, Orange County, Santa Monica and San Francisco.  Companies include exemplary private start up and public emerging growth opportunities such as Herohl ( and Petvivo (OTC:PETV).   

Herohl is a nutritional supplement designed to combat bone and joint disease.  The CEO, Sabine Ohly, says of Herohl’s mission, “Over 50 million people are affected by arthritis in the United States and their biggest challenge is how to live a normal life and stay motivated while suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, physical and functional limitations as well as other consequences from chronic joint pain. Herohl's goal is to provide them with an alternative, healthier and more affordable solution to painkillers with this new revolutionary dietary supplement.”

John Lai, founder of the Petvivo (PETV), an award winning osteoarthritis treatment for pets, notes of Petvivo’s growth, “Petvivo has made tremendous progress with additions to the board of directors, advisory board and the changes in management that have taken place in the last four months. First time commercial production is scheduled to start in December (2017), with sales and distribution underway to support the launch of our first product. Thus we will start concentrating on a goal of cash flow. Kush, our first product is aimed at the companion animal sector.”

Global Capital Network looks to host capacity audiences in each of its four locations.  The best performing part of the markets right now are micro-cap companies- the smallest of the small stocks. "You have a confluence of the reflation trade, rising rates, and the tax cut trade," Martin Small, U.S. head of iShares at BlackRock has said, "All these things are positive for small- and micro-cap stocks."  GCN looks to continue its work since 2010, working with hundreds of companies in markets across the US.

DISCLAIMER: Global Capital Network assists small to mid-sized emerging-growth public and private companies in gaining exposure and creating funding awareness. GCN conferences and investor roadshows are intended to provide FINRA broker/dealers, investment bankers, investment advisors, analysts, financial managers, fund managers, institutions, media and accredited investors with a forum for networking and communication.

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