Zignal Labs Launches Strategic Government Relations Solution

By analyzing hot-button issues from a wide spectrum of media data, GovGraph maps attitudes across many political dimensions

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 04, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zignal Labs today announced the launch of GovGraph, a new solution for government relations teams. Leveraging real-time analytics from the Zignal Enterprise Platform, GovGraph determines how legislators, political parties, policymakers and other government officials align with pertinent issues. 

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“In today’s unpredictable political environment, government relations teams struggle to keep their finger on the pulse of Congress,” said Adam Beaugh, President and Chief Product Officer, Zignal Labs. “Companies need insights into how policymakers are thinking about a panoply of issues — from healthcare to tax reform to research funding and many others. GovGraph delivers that real-time analysis so that government relations teams can act swiftly and strategically.” 

For every enterprise, the government represents a critical stakeholder. GovGraph tracks and analyzes all public media from Congress and other government officials across social and digital sources. The insights are surfaced via intuitive dashboards, which details the issues being discussed, volume and breakdown by political party. GovGraph delivers the following benefits:

  • Informs Government Relations Strategy: Zignal GovGraph incorporates a comprehensive, richly segmented dataset of social media conversations from members of Congress, enabling teams to identify lawmaker attitudes and Congressional coalitions around specific policy issues. Real-time alerts are generated whenever a topic or company is mentioned by a specific government official.

  • Segments and Targets the Right Policymakers: Through real-time insights, government relations teams will quickly understand the public discourse and trending topics among politicians. These teams can then identify and segment the right politicians — by party, committees or region — who can help influence specific decisions or policies.

  • Quickly Research the Political Landscape: Armed with powerful insights, government relations teams can rapidly assess the political landscape before implementing an initiative or advocacy campaign.

For more information about the Zignal Enterprise Platform and Zignal GovGraph, go to http://zignallabs.com/solution/public-and-government-relations/

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