SINGAPORE, Dec. 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AdroitLogic, the company that allows enterprises to connect applications, systems and partners with high performance capabilities, today announced a major upgrade of its enterprise B2B messaging platform, AS2Gateway.

Powered by the UltraESB-X, AS2Gateway is a cloud EDI/AS2 station that facilitates secure and reliable B2B trading for organizations over the AS2 protocol, via a simplified and intuitive web interface. Fully compliant with the AS2 specification published by Drummond and Morberg, AS2Gateway ensures the security of exchanged data via encryption, SSL/TLS channelling and digital signature validation, and guaranteed integrity through MIC (Message Integrity Check) hashing.

AS2Gateway simplifies the process of setting up connectivity with trading partners via a variety of features, including a built-in certificate store providing an easy and intuitive means of generating, importing and exporting certificates in different formats, built-in support for test and production partner configurations for phased deployments, and the ability to share local station configurations with trading partners via email.

With dedicated SFTP connectivity for each organization, AS2Gateway can be configured to automatically upload inbound documents into SFTP locations, offering a versatile integration point for existing systems. AS2Gateway also provides comprehensive organization-wide audit trails, fine-grained partner- and station-level messaging statistics, and configurable email notifications for inbound messages.

The new upgrade unveils a fully revamped user interface with more fine-grained statistics and seamless SFTP integration experience, in addition to much sought-after features including multiple attachment support and stronger communication security. Upcoming features include support for EDI processing and a REST interface for tighter integration with external systems.

AS2Gateway offers a free 30-day evaluation for new users, with comprehensive pricing plans for organizations with varying AS2 capacity requirements. For organizations seeking in-house AS2 solutions, AdroitLogic also offers AS2Station, a standalone application catered for on-premise deployments, along with in-depth support for installation, maintenance and customized integration solution development.

About AdroitLogic

AdroitLogic Private Ltd. is a privately held innovative technology company based in Singapore, with technology offices in Sri Lanka. It believes in, and proves, that better design and clever code yields exceptional software. Hundreds of UltraESB instances are currently used in production, including at Kuoni GTA, Singapore Exchange Limited, StageCoach and Walmart.

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