MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ABILITY Network, a leading information technology company, today announced that it has added a powerful capability to its ABILITY | UBWATCH application to help streamline the Triple Check process.

Triple Check is a critical - but highly manual - monthly process designed for reviewing a facility’s Medicare Part A claims prior to submission. The process ensures compliance and accuracy across data sets associated with the patient, including the Minimum Data Set (MDS), the healthcare claim and the therapy record. This process helps ensure claims are paid efficiently and also addresses a key compliance requirement that is a focus area for some RAC (Recovery Audit Contractor) audits.

The addition of “Triple Check” to ABILITY’s UBWATCH application means providers now have a single and comprehensive view of all the data components used in the Triple Check process. The application helps skilled nursing facilities prioritize claims where inconsistencies exist and allows users to “drill down” into the MDS and healthcare claim for root-cause analysis. The addition of Triple Check builds on ABILITY’s existing UBWATCH application, which coordinates Universal Billing (UB) records, tracks patterns and trends, and helps ensure proper reimbursement for skilled nursing facilities.

“Triple Check is a highly cumbersome yet incredibly critical process, and we see providers who are spending an onerous amount of time manually working this process,” said Bud Meadows, chief revenue officer at ABILITY Network. “In bringing this powerful capability to users of UBWATCH, users can significantly reduce the amount of time, energy and resources spent on this process, while also ensuring greater accuracy.” Meadows added, “This capability helps simplify a complex challenge skilled nursing facilities face.”

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