NIAGARA FALLS, ON--(Marketwired - December 05, 2017) - Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean that utility work stops -- especially in Canada. Thanks to Tecvalco Ltd. and the FrostHog, excavations can carry on despite frozen ground.

The FrostHog is a safe, clean, easy, and cost-effective means of removing frost and thawing frozen ground. It is commonly used to hand expose pipeline crossing, utility lines, graves, and much more.

FrostHog's headquarters is in Rosebud, Alberta. From there, they distribute, sell, rent, lease, and service the FrostHog ground unit heaters. They have teamed up with Tecvalco Ltd. to be their sales channel partner, and to help support the line across North America. FrostHog has been providing a safe, clean, easy and cost-effective solution to let the excavation work continue in even the coldest of climates for over 25 years.

The FrostHog unit is a quiet, simple machine that is easy to operate and transport to the jobsite. It can be brought to the desired position for work on its own self-loading trailer, fired up, and left unattended during the thawing process.

The heater operates on the principle of efficiently igniting and burning propane gas in a u-shaped tube. Maximum heat is achieved using patented Fire Tube Energy Saver technology installed in the combustion chamber. This device confounds the flow of the air/gas mixture through the tube, thereby forcing all heat to the inside walls. This heats the outside of the tube to its maximum capacity. A ceramic insulated housing encases the heat tube and when this housing is lowered to the surface to be thawed an extremely high percentage of heat is directed downward. Very little heat is lost to the atmosphere.

Depending on soil conditions, most frost is removed within 24 to 48 hours. The unit consumes approximately 2 to 100 lb bottles of propane in 24 hours. All burner controls and propane valves are enclosed to eliminate vandalism and the hood is insulated to maintain higher internal temperatures. There is no open flame and all units are equipped with flame arrestor cells, safety valves, and automatic gas shut-offs -- making FrostHog explosion-proof for use in residential and/or hazardous areas.


Tecvalco Ltd. is a premier distribution and manufacturing company, with staff across Canada. Incorporated in 1980, the company has a history of being integral in the development of the energy industry in Canada. Recently, the company acquired key assets from Grit Industries Inc., including the 93,000 square foot manufacturing facility in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. Tecvalco also operates offices out of: Lloydminster, Saskatchewan; Rockledge, Florida; and has their head office in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

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