SwipeSense Secures $10.6 Million in Funding for Location-Aware Hospital Applications that Reduce Healthcare Costs and Improve Patient Outcomes

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, Dec. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SwipeSense, a Chicago-based healthcare technology company, announced today that it has raised a $10.6 million Series B2 round led by Eclipse Ventures, with participation from Sandbox Industries and other existing technology and healthcare investors. To date, the company has raised a total of $23.3M in funding.

SwipeSense started by innovating a new approach to electronic hand hygiene monitoring, the most critical patient safety measure in healthcare that, if not followed, leads to healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and often times death. SwipeSense’s market-leading electronic hand hygiene application empowers healthcare facilities to create lasting behavior change and reduce risks associated with HAIs by providing hospital employees with accurate and actionable data.

“Healthcare institutions today lack credible data-driven information, and they cannot improve what they cannot accurately measure,” said Mert Iseri, CEO of SwipeSense. “SwipeSense offers executives and hospital staff the ability to monitor all of their core metrics in one platform so they can instill the required change that will lead to higher compliance rates, healthier patients, and millions in savings.”

To further deliver on the product vision and support the industry’s growing demand for a scalable and cost-effective connected hospital platform, the company recently added Michael Cruz as vice president of engineering, Katy De Leon as vice president of marketing and Stephen Williamson as vice president of sales. In addition to growing the team, the new funding will enable SwipeSense to evolve its market-leading hand hygiene solution and scale up product development for new applications, including asset tracking and nurse rounding. 

“Eclipse Ventures partners with entrepreneurs building full-stack solutions to tackle complex problems in historically off-line industries. SwipeSense’s focus on human-centered design and the delivery of robust, transformative insights sets it apart in the typically analog and fragmented medical environment,” said Lior Susan, founder and partner of Eclipse Ventures. “Clinical monitoring is outdated and prone to error. By integrating devices with data and analytic tools, SwipeSense is facilitating the world’s first connected hospital platform - a platform flexible enough to continually deliver solutions based on cutting-edge technology such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, applications, and security.”

For more information, visit the company at http://www.swipesense.com/ and review our career opportunities at www.swipesense.com/careers.

About SwipeSense
SwipeSense is on a mission to build the future of safe, efficient, predictable healthcare with our connected hospital platform. Our first initiative is to eliminate hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), a leading cause of death in the United States, by offering hospitals the most cost-effective, comprehensive hand-hygiene compliance monitoring solution. Hospitals nationwide are using SwipeSense to improve patient health, operational efficiency and cultural change driven by the accurate measurement and insights delivered through our platform.

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