SAN DIEGO, Dec. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- new affiliate is now offering private luxury rooms. What’s a next, private room for the animals only? No, but close. The facility claims not only a private room, but may offer provide services for their cat or dog that includes grooming, and vet visits if necessary.

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It is widely known and common knowledge the wonderful effects of man or woman’s best friend can have on treating the addict or alcoholic. Case studies and addiction news articles have been written about how animals aid in the recovery process. Even under the worst circumstances the depressed drug driven client will care for their beloved animal first, in many cases making sure that the animal is fed first, or treated primarily if needed. Nice to know this type of client has a conscience. 

The treatment center looks upon the patient that comes with their needed companion whether it be dog, cat or some other animal, as a patient that will stay and get the treatment needed to start on their journey towards a sober life.  In addition, clients with pets tend to stay longer, and in general pose many less problems and issues.

More good news for those clients seeking to get sober is that their pet is considered part of their recovery process by the addiction specialists that may be counseling them.  In some, the attachment with their pet is so strong that they value the relationship with the pet as their life companion.

The online resource for pet friendly treatment centers states that luxury pet friendly facilities are now being adopted in several more states. This particular writer will update the new facilities in the next update as it is clear this is becoming a bigger and bigger treatment necessity and the volume of interest, calls and internet presence is proof that more pet friendly drug and alcohol treatment centers are in demand and are needed now. To learn more about drug rehabilitation centers that allow pets contact the information provided.

Author: Kevin Leonard
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