Don Forman Of Tustin Nissan Redefines Car Sales


Las Vegas, Nevada, Dec. 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Most people know that a growing number of Americans, especially younger ones, are no longer interested in buying new cars. It is getting hard for salesmen, like Forman, to capture these young people's imagination. There are many reasons why something like this could be happening. Some say it has to do with economics while others are blaming the rise of sustainability.

Forman decided to face this problem head-on and wanted to figure out why young people are disillusioned with brand new automobiles. This is not necessarily surprising to many who know Forman best. Some would say that it is exactly the kind of challenge that he thrives on. The auto sales industry attracted him because it was a challenging business that is always in a state of flux.

The challenge was just another obstacle for him to solve, and he has done a pretty good job. For one, he began to understand that many of the young people searching for new cars are not searching for luxury but rather reliability. New car buyers are looking for a car that will last them years rather than just until the next model comes out.

Many baby boomers loved purchasing a new car and trading it in for a newer model a few years later. This might have been popular for that generation, but this new generation is not looking to spend that amount of money repeatedly.

Catering to that need is one reason Don Forman is having so much success at his dealership. He also caters to environmentally-conscious buyers. Forman provided these buyers with a lot of options to ensure that they get the greenest car possible. This could include hybrid vehicles or vehicles with engines that offer drivers more miles per gallon.

In essence, Don Forman began to personalize his dealership so that this new generation of car buyers could feel cared for. It is not a hard concept to grasp since most people want their needs met, no matter what.

Hopefully, this trend starts to catch on throughout the rest of the country because the car industry is still considered one of the fundamental industries in the United States. It is in America's best interest to ensure that this industry thrives, which is what good Americans like Forman are attempting to do. This will help the economy and the country.


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