SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Heap today announced the industry’s first platform to automate all phases of customer insights. Heap’s new platform automatically captures, validates and connects all customer data, giving companies in all sectors the ability to instantly derive meaningful customer insights to drive better business decisions.

Data-driven organizations rely on insights to stay competitive, but they’re swimming in bad data and tedious processes that get in the way of meaningful insights. Data teams spend the majority of time manually cleaning, instrumenting and checking for errors instead of extracting relevant observations that inform important decisions. Heap eliminates this complexity, creating the first Insight Automation infrastructure for marketers and data professionals.

“Everyone strives to be data-driven, but it’s almost always an unfulfilled promise,” said Matin Movassate, CEO at Heap. “As companies try to become agile and iterate quickly, they rapidly encounter what they call the ‘Adobe Blackout,’ where any defect or reskin results in lost data that has to be reconciled, costing teams weeks or months. Heap virtualizes the underlying data structure, enabling companies to flexibly rewire analytics without losing any data integrity.”

Heap’s autonomous customer insights platform has three key layers: data capture, control, and insights. The data capture plane automatically captures all behavioral data from sources across departments and domain-specific tools into one standard schema; the control plane assures data integrity and ability to change event definitions on the fly; and the insights plane produces networked insights across marketing, sales, and customer success silos.

Today’s announcement is comprised of several major additions to each layer including:

  • Non-Destructive Data Modeling: Like modern music or photo editing, data professionals can rapidly define and model new insights without touching the raw data structure. This accelerates productivity by unlocking much faster iteration. Virtual event definitions enable the ability to retroactively update metrics on the fly wherever they are used.
  • Sources: Fifteen new data source connectors to further strengthen a seamless, connected network of customer insights—including Salesforce, Marketo, and leading email and payment providers. All history and events are available with one-click connectivity, and no custom coding required.
  • Data Integrity Score: A data scoring system that automatically ranks all customer data by level of usefulness and trustworthiness to empower companies to measure, define, and control how data is accessed across the business.
  • Dashboards: Data visualization reports across silos of departmental data that provide a bird’s-eye view of customers, breaking down team barriers and speeding up time to insight.

“We use Heap every day and get a ton of value out of it,” said Harry Kaminsky, Director of Analytics at Harry’s. “From our digital product and design teams exploring customer behavior trends to their automagic ETL that allows us to manage our clickstream events in our warehouse without using engineering resources, we use Heap to make better decisions, faster."

Heap has raised $40 million in funding to date, including a recent $27 million Series B led by New Enterprise Associates and Menlo Ventures with participation from previous investors Pear Ventures and Initialized Capital.

About Heap
Heap is a market leader in Insight Automation infrastructure. Heap automates away the annoying parts of analytics so that companies can focus on making smarter business decisions. Founded in 2013, Heap serves over 6,000 companies in ecommerce, SaaS, fintech, retail, media, and beyond including Twilio, LendingClub, App Annie, Optimizely, Morningstar, Monotype and Casper. For more information, visit

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