SASKATOON, SK--(Marketwired - December 13, 2017) - It's time for your yearly dose of seasonal weirdness. Are you looking forward to a magical stranger breaking into your house? Eating virtually everything in sight long after you're stuffed? Livestock flying in the sky and landing on your roof? Yep -- must be Christmas.

LMNO Consulting is taking Christmas traditions literally this year. Their "Christmas is Weird" marketing campaign aims to lightheartedly highlight some of the more (un)usual aspects of the holiday season.

"We realized that a lot of the things we do at Christmas are really weird," says Associate Creative Director, Traci Deck. "They're things you wouldn't accept any other time of year, but in December you not only expect but embrace them. We knew we couldn't be the only ones who thought that way, and the more we talked to people about it, the more we realized that there's a lot of truth and humour to it."

The campaign, which calls attention to what we're willing to embrace in the name of tradition, will be seen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as our own streets of Saskatoon from now until December 24. A selection of Christmas weirdness is available now at

About LMNO: Formerly The Marketing Den, founded in 1976, LMNO is the only team of secret operatives that slay wicked problems with brave partners. Together we'll kick ass and feel good doing it.

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