Current Catastrophic Plight of Refugees: Almas Jiwani delivers riveting speech at Istanbul University Faculty of Law

ISTANBUL, TURKEY--(Marketwired - Dec. 15, 2017) -

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Almas Jiwani addressed the law students at the Human Rights Symposium organized by Istanbul University Faculty of Law and International Law Student Association (ILSA), held today at Istanbul University.

Prominent leaders, the Constitutional Court, the Ministry of Immigration administration, academics from different universities, official institutions such as International Refugee Rights Association and Law students gathered at this symposium held at Istanbul University's prestigious Rectorate Building.

Topics included human rights, the current status of refugees and legal dimensions to the actions of UNHCR broadly. Almas Jiwani delivered a speech on the importance of education for refugees and human rights at the Human Rights Symposium to celebrate International Human Rights Day along with the anniversary of the United Nations' adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

"Ms. Almas Jiwani has always been an invaluable asset for our respective University. She was invited to address at our special project - Crime and Punishment Film Festival in 2012 & 2013 with the motto 'Justice for All.' She is a very well-known figure in the field of gender equality and empowerment of women and we have been privileged to host her again as our guest speaker for the Human Rights Symposium today," said Dr. Adem Sözüer, former Dean of Istanbul University Faculty of Law Professor.

ILSA Istanbul honoured Almas Jiwani with an official certificate of a special tree planted in her name to acknowledge her tireless commitments to equality and human rights. This will be managed by the TEMA Foundation (the Turkish Foundation Combating Soil Emission, for Reforestation and the protection of Natural Habitat) founded by Hayrettin Karaca, recipient of the United Nations Environment Award.

"It is extremely important for people to consistently be reminded that without education, a refugee will not be able to realize other fundamental human rights. We must also continuously strive to break down barriers in the hopes of achieving a society where women will be equals worldwide. Thank you to Professor Sozuer and University of Istanbul faculty of law for holding a symposium where gender inequality and refugees can have a proper voice. We should all remember that there is still much work to do in making equality a reality on an international scale," said Almas Jiwani, CEO & President of the Almas Jiwani Foundation.

History of Istanbul University

Istanbul University was founded as an institution of higher education named the Darülfünûn (House of Multiple Sciences) on 23 July 1846, but the Medrese (Islamic theological school) which was founded immediately after Mehmed II conquered Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453 is regarded as the precursor to the Darülfünûn which evolved into Istanbul University in 1933. Education in a number of sciences and fields (such as medicine, mathematics, astronomy, cartography, geography, history, philosophy, religion, literature, philology, law, etc.) became available, and, until the 19th century, they were instrumental in educating the ruling cadres of the Ottoman society.

International Law Student Association

The International Law Students Association (ILSA), the first ILSA community in Turkey, is a non-profit association of students and lawyers who are dedicated to the promotion of international law. ILSA provides students with opportunities to study, research, and network in the international legal arena. This symposium aims to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

About Almas Jiwani Foundation

The vision of the Almas Jiwani Foundation is to empower women, girls and marginalized communities through focused projects that directly address disparities in equality, education, entrepreneurship and energy rights. The Foundation aims to bridge inequalities through innovative projects designed to incubate and deliver sustainable and gender conscious solutions for communities in need. By leveraging our unparalleled network of partners and stakeholders in global issues, the Almas Jiwani Foundation provides the forum for discourse, engagement and action on the world's most pressing challenges.

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