Winning By Design makes its premium sales content available on MindTickle platform

MindTickle customers can now benefit from Winning By Design sales blueprints and training modules directly through the MindTickle platform

Sunnyvale, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In B2B sales, the performance of the top and bottom 20 percent of reps can vary up to 300 percent. To help elevate performance of reps across the board, MindTickle is partnering with Winning By Design, who offers premium sales training content to serve B2B organizations of all sizes.

“Relying on rock star sales people doesn’t work anymore. Modern B2B organizations must have a scientific approach to get 80 percent of reps to hit their targets,” said Dominique Levin, Managing Partner at Winning By Design. “We are thrilled to offer MindTickle’s customers access to the Winning By Design Blueprints and Training Modules that we are now providing on the MindTickle platform. This content teaches SDRs, AEs and CSMs core skills, such as how to write relevant emails that generate more meetings, how to create urgency and priority using Impact and Critical Events, and how to orchestrate an up-sell. Our content and lessons are proven to drive improvement in rep performance, and when paired with MindTickle’s engaging, skills-oriented approach, will lead to measurable results.”

MindTickle is the most comprehensive, data-driven sales readiness platform in the market. The company offers a modern, mobile and engaging experience for onboarding, micro-learning, skills development and coaching - a purpose built platform that companies stuck with legacy learning management systems (LMS) have been waiting for.

Tradeshift, the world’s largest business commerce platform, has already benefited from the integration of Winning By Design content inside the MindTickle platform. To meet sales objectives, Tradeshift transformed its solution-oriented approach to include provocative selling techniques. This resulted in more value for clients and fostered more strategic relationships. 

“The right sales methodology combined with impactful sales training content, and a platform that allows for bite-sized learning, proved key to improving rep performance for rookies and seasoned pros," said Adam Cleveland, Senior Director, Global Sales Development, Operations and Productivity at Tradeshift.

Twenty Winning By Design Sales Blueprints and Training Modules will be available to all MindTickle customers. These include:

  • Five modules for Sales Development Managers (SDRs) teaching how to secure more meetings including how to deliver outbound emails and voicemails, as well as tips on outbound and inbound prospecting.
  • Ten modules for Account Executives (AEs) covering topics that will help in creating priority and urgency in a deal, improve opportunity to close conversion and provide a new framework to limit discounting.
  • Five modules for Account Managers (AMs) and Customer Success Managers (CSMs) reviewing how to orchestrate expansion opportunities by executing flawless kickoff meetings and executive impact reviews.

“We are delighted that Winning By Design has built out their great content on the MindTickle platform,” said Jules Ehrlich, President of MindTickle. “Whether our customers need a starting point or are looking to evolve their sales or coaching content, this out-of-the-box approach provides them with an accelerated way to do so.”

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MindTickle offers the industry's most comprehensive readiness solution for closing the knowledge and skill gaps found in customer-facing teams. Sales teams across a wide range of industries use MindTickle's award-winning platform to train, coach, and align their sales teams to make reps and their managers more effective. Combining on-demand online training, bite-sized mobile updates, gamification, coaching and role-play with a data-driven approach, MindTickle accelerates time-to-productivity, ensures consistent execution, and helps boost sales performance. Companies leveraging MindTickle for sales enablement to assess and certify the readiness of each rep see bigger deal sizes, higher win rates and reduced sales cycles. MindTickle is a global, privately-held company with headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. Investors include NEA and Accel Partners. For more information, please visit

About Winning By Design
Winning By Design is a premier provider of strategy consulting and coaching programs for SaaS sales and high-velocity sales organizations. Winning By Design is trusted by over one hundred fifty organizations, including Adobe, AdRoll, CultureAmp (Australia), FreshDesk (India), Bynder (Netherlands), LiftOff (#6), NearPOD, Resultatos Digitais (Brasil), SalesLoft (#7), SendGrid, Omaze, Outreach, TeamLeader (Belgium), Tradeshift (Denmark), xPenditure (Belgium) and Zenefits, and a number of premier venture and private equity funds. Winning By Design has offices in Silicon Valley, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.  For more information, please visit

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