Mio Global Changes Company Name to PAI Health to Reflect New Strategic Direction

Company is focused on making PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) available to over 50% of wearable devices by the end of 2018

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Physical Enterprises Inc., the health technology company doing business as Mio Global, today announces its name change to PAI Health. The company has built a reputation for being an innovative pioneer in fitness wearables and accurate heart rate monitoring. PAI Health is now making its proprietary technology available to other wearable brands and health platforms – a move that will allow PAI to potentially be available to over 40 million users by the end of 2018. PAI has received recognition within the industry as being a groundbreaking metric that can give wearables greater purpose by providing meaning to heart rate data, and positively impact people’s health through a personalized prescription for exercise.

Due to the popular demand for this technology, the company is making PAI available to as many devices and platforms as possible. To support this strategy, the company has rebranded under the PAI Health name and will no longer be producing devices itself. PAI Health has instead developed a cloud-based software platform that integrates with other devices and systems to expand the PAI ecosystem. 

PAI is a scientifically-backed health metric that has the potential to extend people’s lives by an average of 5 years. The proprietary algorithm translates heart rate data into a simple, meaningful score that guides people on how much activity they need to live a longer, healthier life. PAI research has been conducted using the HUNT study data, one of the largest health studies ever conducted involving 45,000 people over 25 years. It has been scientifically proven that those who maintained a PAI score at or above 100 lived an average of 5 years longer than those who were inactive, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and other lifestyle diseases by up to 25 percent. PAI can also provide insurers, employers and medical providers with health insights and population trends so that they can better manage health risks and costs. It also allows insurers to innovate with new product and pricing models.

As part of this transition, PAI Health is partnering with Accuro, a company that provides biometric technology solutions to fitness club members and health-conscious consumers.  Accuro will be integrating the company’s heart rate algorithms and PAI technology into their Accuro-branded wearables to be launched in 2018, and is also taking on the role as master distributor for Slice activity trackers (the first wearable to feature PAI). There is a growing trend in the fitness industry to enhance member loyalty and engagement by integrating health technologies such as heart rate monitoring into group training and personal training. PAI Health’s partnership with Accuro will service this demand.

“We are excited by the positive feedback the market has given us on PAI which has caused us to shift our path to make PAI available everywhere – to all insurers, employers and wearable devices,” said Peter Taylor, CEO of PAI Health. “This next phase of growth will see a seismic shift in take-up of sensors that collect biometric information. This drives the need to translate that data into meaningful, impactful insights for a very wide range of audiences. Fitness club members can benefit from these data-driven insights to understand the value of their training and measure progress, and Accuro is a trusted brand for us to partner with to serve this market.”

“Our partnership with PAI Health will enable us to expand our service offerings to our fitness club and corporate wellness customers with their best-in-class heart rate algorithms and unique PAI technology,” says Weilong Li, CEO of Accuro.  “We have been using Mio’s products for years as part of our group fitness solutions and we believe that our collaboration will enhance the motivational experience for members and build their 360 degree digital activity and health data over time.”
To learn more about partnership opportunities with PAI, visit  www.paihealth.com.

About PAI Health:
PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) is the first scientifically validated score that empowers people with personalized insights on how much exercise they need to live a longer, healthier life. PAI Health is the new company formerly known as Mio Global, a successful pioneer in heart rate technology and wearables. PAI Health’s mission is to optimize anyone's path to being healthier by making PAI available to consumers and organizations world-wide. PAI Health is building partnerships with corporate wellness and health platforms, insurers, employers, wearable manufacturers, health providers and other industry partners. For more information, visit www.PAIhealth.com.

About Accuro:
Accuro is a fitness technology company that strives to build an eco-system through cloud based IoT technology to provide real-time, convenient recording of member’s activity and biometric data.  This comprehensive data and its history create the connection between one’s physical activities and his/her health status, which will provide objective base for the user to make lifestyle decisions.  It also assists club partners by creating a culture around heart rate training both inside and outside of the club that will provide a unique member experience and help build member loyalty. The Accuro vision is to offer the infrastructure on which every user can have access to the full set of his/her lifestyle activity data and biometric data, which will help individual to make the right lifestyle decision. Visit www.accurofit.com.

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